Indonesia currently has 153 death-row prisoners.

Petra Hapsari   28 August 2017 09:30

Attorney General HM Prasetyo claimed that his institution is preparing to conduct another batch of execution of death-row prisoners and already has twelve names to be executed.

"Every year our execution quota is twelve people," Prasetyo said.

He also said that his institution has asked the Supreme Court to set a limitation of petition for clemency that can be proposed by the dead-row prisoners and their family so the execution process could run smoothly.

"I have written a letter for the Supreme Court, asking for their decision about the clemency appeal. Now, it does not have a time boundary." Prasetyo said. "Those whose verdict's status is already in kracht is already ready for execution."

However, the new Constitutional Court ruling decided that there is no time boundary for a prisoner to propose for a clemency. Thus, a prisoner can use this ruling to delay the prosecutors to execute as long as possible — at least until he/she exhausts all legal effort or a decision is made by the president, which might take months or years.

To date, Indonesia reportedly has 153 death-row prisoners either waiting for execution schedule or in process of requesting clemency.



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