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They charged Rp 75 million to Rp 100 million for their service.

Tunggul Kumoro   24 August 2017 14:45

Police has arrested a group of three responsible for spreading fake news and negative content issues online that provoke racial and religious hatred.

National Police cybercrime director Sr. Commr. Fadil Imran revealed that those suspects who called themselves 'Saracen' were nabbed by the police after the cyber patrol team monitored their whole activities on social media.

Those three are under the initial MFT, arrested on July 21 in Koja, North Jakarta; SRN on Aug. 5 in Cianjur, Central Java; JAS on Aug. 7 in Pekanbaru, Riau. They have their respective roles.

"JAS is the leader, MFT works on information media while SRN serves as regional group coordinator," told Fadil to Detik, Wednesday.

The group lured and recruited its member with their provocative contents that they made in line with the development of social media trends. The posts could be in form of narrations or memes that appear to lead readers' opinions to have a negative view of other groups of people.

Meanwhile, according to police's cyber patrol unit chief AKBP Susatyo Purnowo, the group set the price in form of proposals.

"They offered [their service] for Rp 75 million to Rp 100 million. It's on their proposal," said Susatyo at the Police Headquarters, Jakarta, Wendesday.

Susatyo added that their business is only offering a service on distributing fake news and negative contents that may incite racial and religious hatred. Investigators are still conducting intensive probes on the suspects to unearth other suspects and who these group's clients are.

"Yes. we'll develop [the case]. We're currently hunting other admins as well as other groups that have similar practice with this group," he said.

Susatyo then added that Saracen group owns a lot members. "But, those three are the core board," he said.



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