President Joko Widodo (center) and Research, Technology and Higher Education Minister M. Nasir (Right). (Photo: Twitter/@menristekdikti)

The government looks serious about this issue.

Tunggul Kumoro   25 August 2017 23:00

President Joko Widodo received 16 delegations of state and private universities across Indonesia at the State Palace, Jakarta on Friday.

The invitation by the Technology and Higher Education Ministry was an attempt to manifest the values of the country through higher education.

"In order to organize [a forum of] act of nationalism, on how to grasp the unity of the Republic Indonesia, how to implement Pancasila as the state ideology, the 1945 Constitution as the basis of the state and the motto of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika from Aceh to Merauke," said Research, Technology and Higher Education Minister M. Nasir at the palace.

Nasir revealed the forum would later invite around 2,000 rectors throughout the country.

"The President's mandate must be executed and followed up. President will give time, but we haven't set the date yet. The estimation is at the end of September," said Nasir.

Nasir are also expecting more participants to attend the event.

"There are 4,529 universities, both state and private under Higher Education and Research Ministry and Religious Ministry," continued Nasir.

The act of nationalism would be implemented in every aspect of education and behavior, according the Minister.

"It's on how our universities are insulated from radicalism. We must defend them all," stressed Nasir.

The role of government in this movement are to confirm and mediate between universities. "We're working with the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT), in collaboration with National Intelligence Agency (BIN) regarding what've been happening in universities in Indonesia," he explained.


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