...Because some users complained that the site directed them to online gambling sites — maybe they just don't know how ad popups work.

Petra Hapsari   24 August 2017 17:55

It’s probably the time to say goodbye to the free hilarious gifs you might find in giphy.com.

Ministry of Communication and Information has banned the website. All Indonesians trying to access the page will be directed to Internet Positif page.

Until this article was published, the desktop version of the site was still available, but the mobile one was not. This condition might change in the near future.

The ministry has not confirmed the news yet, however, the decision has reportedly been taken following number of complaints that the site contains ads which direct people to online gambling site.

Gambling is forbidden in Indonesia and online gambling is ruled in Law No.11/2008 on Electronics Transaction and Information (UU ITE) with maximum 6 years of imprisonment and/or Rp 1 billion fine.

Giphy is a website providing free GIFs to upload or download and often being used by people to create more fun communication and youths also often use it to get GIFs for sharing on social media.



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