That's why you need a good bookeeping.

Petra Hapsari   16 August 2017 16:00

First Travel Boss Andika Surachman and wife Anniesa Desvitasari Hasibuan stated to the police that they do not remember where the pilgrims’ money went to.

“’He (the suspect) does not know anything anymore. [The money] Has been spread in too many places,” the Chief of the National Polices Criminal Investigation Department Insp. Gen. Ari Dono Sukmanto said on Tuesday.

The couple’s bank accounts currently only have Rp 1.3 million and Rp 1.5 million respectively.

The company reportedly invested their money to Pandawa Cooperative, a financial entity whose owner has become a suspect of an investment fraud case.

“He said ‘Oh, I forget where the money went’,” Ari continued. “If they want to say the money went to Pandawa, where is the proof? We cannot just listen to what he said.”

Police continue investigating some representatives of the pilgrims and some officials from the embassy to get more information.

Police has seized their assets; including car and luxury house, as well as First Travel branch office in Depok.


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