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Petra Hapsari   11 August 2017 09:00

Are you using dental braces? Then there are things you have to do to maintain them.

Here are some tips to maintain your braces:

1. Choose your food carefully

Consuming the wrong food might damage your braces. At the early time of using braces, try to consume soft food. Cut your food into small pieces to ease the chewing process. For example, you can consume rice, pasta, fish cake, mashed potato, soft meat, pudding, ice cream, banana and fruit juices.

Meanwhile, there are not recommended food for you to eat since they might damage your braces such as apple, caramel candy and peanut. Gum is also not recommended since it might get stuck on your braces.

2. Avoid bad habits that might damage your teeth

You might have habit of biting your nails or pencil. If you do, then you better stop it since it might not only damage your teeth, but also your new braces.

3. Clean your teeth after eating

It is important for you to keep your teeth clean and healthy. Always brush your teeth after you eat to avoid food being stuck between your braces. The right time for you to brush your teeth is one hour after eating.

4. Go for regular check-up

Always go for regular check-up to see the progress of your teeth. It is advisable for you to check your teeth every 3 to 10 weeks depending on the type of braces you are wearing and your dentist advice.

5. Protect your teeth during exercise

If you are an athlete or you like doing sport, then you better use tooth protector while doing sports to protect your teeth and braces, especially when you are doing sports with high risk. If you are using removable braces, then always remove it when you are playing and keep on using tooth protector.

How to reduce pain at the early time of using braces

You might feel uncomfortable if it's your first time of using braces, and it is normal. To reduce the pain, you can consume painkiller.

Braces are a long-term therapy. It is important for you to know how to maintain your braces so you can get maximum result. If you find out there is damage on your braces, do not hesitate and do not delay seeing your doctor.

The article was previously published in and all medical data has been reviewed by a licensed medical doctor.

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