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Too much of anything can make you sick.

  21 Juli 2017 19:10

Now almost everyone uses smartphone. But do you know that excessive use of smartphone might lead into mental disorder?

According to a research from Duke University in North Carolina, US, teenagers who spend more of time with gadgets or smartphones will have behavior problems and symptoms of ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

The research involving 151 teenagers studied the relation between mental health and time spent for social media and conversation in a day. The result shows that those who spend most of their time with smartphones tend to lie, fight and do other bad behaviors.

Then, what makes smartphones have such effect?

It turns out that, too much of smartphone use canmake onelose one's self-control as one will find it hard to control his/her emotion and behavior which later give bad effect to his/her mental health.

Furthermore, studies found correlation between symptoms of mental disorders and acute smartphone addiction.

A research conducted by Pew Research Center shows that 92 percent of adults in US have a phone and 90 percent of them are never far from their phones. Meanwhile, third ofthemnever turn their phones off.

For those who arereally addicted to their phones, they even might experience anxiety, become less productive and find it hard to focus on important things astheir attention goes mostly to the phone.

Hereare three symptoms of mental disorders in those who might have acute smartphone addiction:

1.Low battery anxiety

A survey by LG shows 90 percent of 2,000 people experience this. Low battery gives them feeling of threat for those who are addicted, and they might have panic attack when they see their low battery.

2.Phantom vibration syndrome

When your body is actually itchy and needs some scratch, you think your phone is vibrating instead due to some notifications while when you check it, you find nothing. This is called as ringxeity.


Are you afraid of being away from your phone? It means you are nomophobia. You feel disturbed and anxious when you are away from your phone.

Those symptoms are real, fellas. This is a weird time to be alive, don't you think?

The article was previously published and all medical data have been reviewed by a licensed medical doctor.



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