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No more changing sanitary pads during your period!

Syifa Fauziah   31 July 2017 09:55

Four Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) students created women underwear that can be used during menstruation period without having to wear conventional disposable pads.

The students, Zahiroh Maulida, Diane Friska, Laela Mustikasari and Siti Habibah created the product to reduce contamination of sanitary waste.

Zahiroh said that sanitary waste can contaminate water so they tried to do something to reduce the contamination by creating the reusable ‘No Wori’ panties.

“Anti-sanitary panties ‘No Wori’ is our innovation that has absorbent parts which women can use during period,” Zahiroh said.

Zahiroh added that No Wori is made from micro fleece, microfiber, waterproof yet breathable materials and bamboo fiber fabrics that are comfortable to wear. The product also has soft structure so it will not cause irritation.

Nowadays, many of disposable pads are plastic-based which can damage the nature. Not only that they are not eco-friendly, they also have chemical material which can increase the risk of cervical cancer.

‘No Wori’ means that there is nothing to worry about this product since it is eco-friendly, and it won’t cause irritation or cervical cancer.

The panties are available in two models: ‘Orange Cream’ and ‘Blue Grey’.

“It does not have side effect since it is meant to protect women’s reproductive health and reduce environmental pollution. The panties are also to prevent various diseases which might happen because of disposable pads,” Zahiroh continued.

‘No Worri’ panties’ absorbency has been tested using animal’s blood which is relatively similar to human’s blood.

It costs Rp 40,000 per panty for all size.


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