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No need for extra effort to clean moss in the bathtub, just mix these two kitchen ingredients as a cleaner

  14 April 2024 13:30 - A bathtub or jolang is a fixture that is permanently installed in the bathroom. Usually bathtubs are made from acrylic or fiberglass, but there are also those made from steel and then covered with wood. Because its shape is concave inward, the bathtub can hold a large amount of water.

Keeping the bathtub clean is very important. Because if not, the bath will actually bring in various germs. Mosquito larvae will multiply rapidly in the bathtub. Apart from that, if it is dirty, the appearance will be unsightly.

Not only that, the inside of the bathtub will also grow moss. If this happens, the water in the bathroom tub will be contaminated so that it can no longer be used. That way, like it or not, you have to drain it straight away to clean the moss in the bathtub.

Unfortunately cleaning moss in the bathroom tub is a homework in itself. The reason is, the moss sticks very tightly. Like it or not, you have to rub it as hard as you can.

Even though you know, it turns out that the moss in the bathtub can be cleaned with a number of special tricks, you know. A YouTube user, Zulaikha Pratiwy, showed how in one of her video uploads. He admitted that he only used two kitchen ingredients to clean the moss.

Reported by BrilioFood from YouTube Zulaikha Pratiwy on Sunday (14/4), the two ingredients used are dish soap and hot water. Put these two ingredients into a container. Before stirring, this netizen also added a packet of citrus as a cleaning mixture. Stir until completely mixed.

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photo: YouTube/Zulaikha pratiwy

Once done, apply this cleaning solution to all parts of the bathtub. In his video upload, this netizen started this process from inside the bathtub. No need to rub, just rub thoroughly.

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photo: YouTube/Zulaikha pratiwy

If you have done the inside, grease the outside too. After that, let the bath sit for 15 minutes so that the cleaning solution works optimally.

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photo: YouTube/Zulaikha pratiwy

Finally, rinse the entire tub with clean water. Flush several times until the entire tub is shiny again and free from residual cleaning solution.

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photo: YouTube/Zulaikha pratiwy

As a result, the bathtub shines again and there are no moss stains remaining. For those of you who experience the same problem, immediately practice this method at home, OK?

Lumutt bathroom tub stock  2024

photo: YouTube/Zulaikha pratiwy

Factors that cause mossy bathroom tubs.

A moldy bathroom tub can be caused by several factors, including:

1. Humidity.

Bathrooms often have high humidity levels due to showering and general water use. A humid environment creates ideal conditions for moss growth.

2. Lack of air circulation.

A bathroom that does not have proper ventilation or poor ventilation can reduce air circulation. This can worsen humidity conditions and accelerate moss growth.

3. Exposure to water.

Bathroom surfaces are often wet due to constant exposure to water from the shower, sink, bathtub, or toilet. High humidity around this area can trigger moss growth.

4. Source of nutrition.

Moss needs nutrients to grow, and the bathroom can provide an adequate source of nutrients for moss growth. Soap residue, food scraps, or other dirt left on the surface provide nutrients to the moss.

5. Light.

Some species of moss grow well in shady or low light areas. Bathrooms often have limited areas of direct sunlight, which can facilitate moss growth.

To prevent the growth of mold in bathroom tubs, it is important to maintain regular cleanliness, ensure good air circulation, dry bathroom surfaces after use, and consider regular use of mold prevention or mildew removal products.

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