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This method can save more energy when cleaning the ladle.

  30 Mei 2024 18:00 - A dipper is very helpful for collecting water when bathing or doing activities in the kitchen. However, after frequent exposure to water, usually the base or corners of the ladle handle are covered with brownish crust stains. If left for a long time, the crust stains will become stubborn and difficult to clean.

Many people have to use a lot of force to brush off the crusty stains on the dipper so that it can shine again. In fact, if you know the trick, crust stains on the dipper can be removed easily, you know. So, for those of you who don't know the trick, let's take a peek at the upload shared by YouTube account user Fitriaeyza.

After all, this trick only requires the addition of one kitchen ingredient to get rid of scale stains on the ladle.

How to clean a dirty scoop.

The first thing you have to prepare is 2 tablespoons of citrus powder or citric acid. Place the citrus in a ladle. Then, fill the ladle with enough clean water.

"Then add water until the water covers the moss that you want to clean," emphasized YouTube account owner Fitriaeyza, quoted by BrilioFood on Thursday (30/5).

After adding water, leave the ladle for 1 hour so that the citrus can remove stubborn crusty stains on the dipper.

This housewife on Fitriaeyza's YouTube account explains that you can also practice this trick on buckets, hoses or other household equipment that has limescale stains.

This housewife has a trick to get rid of limescale stains on her dipper  YouTube

photo: YouTube/Fitriaeyza

After leaving it for 1 hour, throw away the water. After that, pour enough dish soap into the ladle. Yup, dishwashing soap is the main kitchen ingredient for practicing this trick to get rid of limescale stains.

Next, rub the ladle with a sponge or soft brush until there is no more crust left behind. Finally, rinse the ladle with running water until clean.

This housewife has a trick to get rid of limescale stains on the dipper  YouTube

photo: YouTube/Fitriaeyza

Well, that's the trick for getting rid of crusty stains on the dipper. What do you think, this trick is practical, right? Taking a peek at Fitriaeyza's YouTube upload, although there have been no comments from other netizens, this video has received enthusiasm from more than 1,000 viewers, you know.