foto: YouTube/Wahyu Budiman

The avocado filling is also clean and fresh yellow in color.

  9 Februari 2024 18:00 - When fruit traders in the market have avocados in stock, this fruit is always the target of many people. How could it not be, avocado has a savory taste and soft texture that is very suitable for making fruit ice, pudding, ice cream, bread filling, and so on. On the other hand, avocado is also rich in benefits for the body.

Reporting from, avocados contain lots of fiber, vitamins and minerals to improve digestion, healthy skin, maintain heart function, etc. However, sometimes people make a mistake when buying avocados, so that they are still unripe and cannot be consumed.

Unripe avocados usually take about 5 to 7 days to ripen. Therefore, to make the ripening process faster, people prefer to cook it in a pile of rice. However, if you don't have enough rice to ripen avocados, don't worry because there are other tricks.

One of the tricks was shared by netizens on Wahyu Budiman's YouTube account. He said that raw avocados can ripen in 4 days using a simple tool, namely paper. The trick, just wrap the avocado tightly in paper. This netizen, familiarly known as Wahyu, only uses waste paper.

"Keep it in a cardboard box, covered with cloth," he added, quoted by BrilioFood from YouTube Wahyu Budiman on Friday (9/2).

Soft in 4 days even if the rice is not soaked  YouTube

photo: YouTube/Wahyu Budiman

Then, Wahyu showed the condition of his avocado which had been left wrapped in paper for 4 days. When pressed, it turns out that the flesh of the fruit is much softer. Then, after cutting, the flesh of the fruit is not black, which means the avocado is still very fresh.

Soft in 4 days even if the rice is not soaked  YouTube

photo: YouTube/Wahyu Budiman

How about it, this trick for ripening avocados is really simple, isn't it? Taking a peek at Wahyu Budiman's YouTube upload, there haven't been many comments from netizens, but this video has received enthusiasm from more than 4,000 viewers, you know.