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Easy for anyone to practice.

  6 Mei 2024 16:00 - Helmet visors play an important role in protecting the facial area from dust when driving. However, this automatically makes the helmet dull quickly. If the helmet visor is dull, it will actually make your vision less clear when driving, so the helmet visor must be cleaned regularly to keep it shiny.

Usually, helmet visors can be cleaned by applying shampoo. Shampoo is known to be effective in removing dust or other dirt that sticks to the helmet visor. On the other hand, there are also those who choose to clean it with toothpaste, wet tissue, or even a special helmet cleaning fluid.

However, it is different from the YouTube account user Rudi O Om. This man claims to have a simpler trick for cleaning helmet visors. Even so, this trick is said to be very effective in turning a dull helmet visor into a shiny one again just by relying on one kitchen ingredient, you know.

How to clean a dull helmet visor.

Summarized by BrilioFood from Rudi O Om's YouTube account, Monday (6/5), the first thing you have to prepare is dishwashing soap. Yup, dishwashing soap is the main kitchen ingredient for practicing this trick for cleaning dull helmet visors.

Apart from that, the netizen who is familiarly called Rudi also prepared an aquarium filter cloth as a tool for wiping his helmet visor later.

Once all the cleaning materials and tools are ready, remove the helmet visor first to make it easier to clean. Then, pour enough dish soap into a ladle filled with water. Dip an aquarium filter cloth into it and stir until it foams.

Lift and squeeze the aquarium filter cloth, then rub it on the helmet visor. Rub the helmet visor evenly until all the stains are gone.

Instead of wiping it with shampoo, this is a trick for cleaning helmet visors  YouTube

photo: YouTube/rudi o uncle

If you feel that the helmet visor is completely clean, then rinse it with running water until there is no more soap left. Finally, just dry the helmet visor with a clean cloth. The dry helmet visor can be reinstalled into the helmet. Wow, a dull helmet visor can be shiny again, right?

Instead of wiping it with shampoo, this is a trick for cleaning helmet visors  YouTube

photo: YouTube/rudi o uncle

So, are you interested in trying a trick to clean your helmet visor like this or do you have any other tricks? Take a peek at Rudi O Uncle's YouTube upload, even though it hasn't received many comments, this video has already received more than 24 thousand viewers, you know.

How to remove odor from the inside of a helmet.

You can try several natural ways to get rid of the smell in your helmet using ingredients you usually find in the kitchen. Here are some ways that might help.

1. Lime or lemon.

Cut a lime or lemon into slices and place them inside your helmet overnight. The fresh aroma of lime or lemon can help absorb and eliminate unpleasant odors.

2. White vinegar.

Mix white vinegar with water in a spray and spray the inside of your helmet. Let it dry in the open air. White vinegar is a natural odor-eliminating agent that can help clean and freshen your helmet.

3. Ground coffee.

Place a few spoonfuls of ground coffee in a cloth bag and tie it tightly. Place this pouch in your helmet overnight. Ground coffee has strong odor absorbing properties.

4. Bicarbonate of soda.

Sprinkle some baking soda inside your helmet and leave it overnight before cleaning it. Bicarbonate of soda can absorb unpleasant odors effectively.

5. Dried mint leaves.

Place some dried mint leaves inside your helmet. Mint has a fresh aroma that can help disguise unpleasant odors.

Make sure to clean and dry your helmet thoroughly before using this method for best results.