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Do not throw it away or use it as a kitchen towel.

  30 Mei 2024 21:00

Brilio.net - A soft towel certainly feels more comfortable when worn. However, it cannot be denied that towels that are used continuously will experience changes, such as their rough texture. This change in texture can be caused by various factors, for example due to the buildup of detergent and mineral residue from hard water, or improper washing and drying methods.

Well, the rough condition of the towel will certainly make it uncomfortable to use. As a result, some people usually throw away towels or turn them into kitchen cloths. In fact, even rough towels can become soft again if washed properly.

However, you need to know that to restore softness to towels , you don't need to use detergent. The reason is, detergent residue that easily sticks to fabric fibers such as towels will actually make the texture rough. Therefore, there are other ingredients that are more effective at softening towels.

To be clearer, a woman named Fitri Rahmawati once shared a trick for washing rough towels to make them soft again. Through her personal Facebook account, Fitri admitted that she only relied on a number of ingredients in the kitchen. Yup, these ingredients are easy to get and are effective for washing towels.

This method of washing rough towels makes them soft again using only 3 kitchen ingredients.

As reported by BrilioFood from Fitri Rahmawati's Facebook on Thursday (30/5), the kitchen ingredients used to clean towels are salt, dishwashing liquid and table vinegar. In the video, he admits to using coarse salt which has stronger abrasive properties. That way, the residue on the towel will be easier to remove.

Table vinegar functions as a towel softener and helps remove musty odors. On the other hand, dish soap will help dissolve all the dirt and make the towels cleaner and smell better.

This woman's trick for washing rough towels makes them soft again  Facebook

photo: Facebook/Fitri Rahmawati

Well, how to use a number of these ingredients is very simple. Add salt, dish soap and enough vinegar to the bucket. Then pour hot water and stir until all the ingredients are dissolved.

This woman's trick for washing rough towels makes them soft again  Facebook

photo: Facebook/Fitri Rahmawati

Next, put in the rough towel you want to wash. Press gently so that all parts of the towel are completely submerged. If so, let it sit for 1 hour or until the water temperature starts to cool.

This woman's trick for washing rough towels makes them soft again  Facebook

photo: Facebook/Fitri Rahmawati

If it has been soaked, check and wash the towel as usual. Don't forget to rinse with water until it is completely clean and there is no soap residue attached. After that, dry the towel until dry. That way, the towel will be soft again and comfortable to use.

Since it was uploaded on Thursday (30/5), this video has been watched more than 390 thousand times. It's not surprising that there are many other Facebook users who are interested and also provide responses directly in the comments column. Most of them admitted that the video was very useful to imitate.

"Useful information," said Facebook Muhanif.

"Thanks for the tips," said Facebook VlogmamAfnan.

"You can make sheets, bro," asked Wahyuni's Facebook account.

"Wahyuni is very good, mother, you can add baking soda if the sheets are stubbornly dirty," replied Fitri Rahmawati on Facebook.

"Can it be white, bro," asked the Bundha Khakha Facebook account, to which the video owner then answered, "it's really possible, bro, if it's really dirty, you can add baking soda, OK?"