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Her three-dimensional creations are largely acclaimed especially for her extreme attention to details.

Celia Tholozan   31 May 2016 14:12

Brilio.net - Lara Wirth is only 16 years old and she is already a recognized artist. Her Instagram account armageddonpainted has made her famous worldwide in the past two years. She was only 14 years old when she posted the first picture of her with her face and upper body painted by her skilled hands.

Body painting is a full art that consists of painting a full body or part of the body. A rather short-lived creation, body painting has become very popular over the last years and there is even nowadays contests, expositions and fashion shows specialized in body painting. The trend has also spread by social networks such as Flickr or Instagram, where people that aren’t professional body painters, like Lara, can showcase their talents their talent!

In a recent interview, the young Australian living in Melbourne explained how she started to learn by herself how to make these looks: “I was inspired by a reality TV show where they compete with special effects makeup”.

Her three-dimensional creations are largely acclaimed especially for her extreme attention to details. Whether it is as a zombie, a skeleton, and various other kinds of weird monsters, Lara doesn’t lack imagination.

“I begin any look by getting inspiration, usually from someone else's body painting” she said. In order to create her different designs, she creates a sketch based on her own imagination mixed with any inspirational theme she found, it can be a movie, a person or even another painting as she explains in the comments of her Instagram posts.

It takes her 2 to 3 hours to execute a look on average and she sometimes has to start over again. In any instance, her work speaks for itself as you can see below through a selection of some of her most incredible pieces. Some like the skeleton for example are a optical illusion!

Here are some of her masterpieces:

1. Golden face

2. Blue monster

3. Jurassic creature

4. Indefinable look

5. Halloween inspiration n°1

6. Halloween inspiration n°2

7. Halloween inspiration n°3




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