With a connection to the HTC Vive virtual reality headset, you can now create anything that comes to your mind without needing any mediums.

  17 Mei 2016 09:46

Brilio.net/en - Another mind-blowing innovation has come from Google that will excite artists all over the world. Launched under the name of Tilt Brush, the pen is creating life size 3-D painting that seemed impossible before. With a connection to the HTC Vive virtual reality headset, you can now create anything that comes to your mind without needing a canvas or any other mediums, just by using the barcode scanner-like gadget.

The dream-come-true device allows users to create with different dynamic brushes just what we can find at Microsofts Paint or Adobe Photoshop application program. Through the virtual reality lenses the user can have fun creating in a 3-D virtual black room the things that were just 2-D in their computer software. Users can change the types of brush stroke, colour, environment, and other necessary toolseven to undo it.

Google Tilt Brush  2016 brilio.net

Image viaroadtovr.com

The brush has many options of the materials to draw with, even impossible ones like stars, rainbow, smoke, light, fire, and many other elements that give artists a wider choice to express their art. The paint stops mid-air and users can walk around their art to review it from all angles. This innovation clearly sets a whole new standard of technology and virtual reality that will be a great tool in the art fields, especially for the installation art.

In the fashion industry, Tilt Brush seems to be a solution for the designing phase, as the illustrator can paint with textured fabrics like denim, cotton, leather and wool, amongst others. This will ease their creative process as well save some time and money, especially on deciding the material to use in a dress. The device is bundled with the HTC Vive VR headset and you need to install the Steam app to put it into use.

Google Tilt Brush  2016 brilio.net

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The Google Cultural Institute invited a selected group of artist for the app trial by early 2016, who all admit the experience to be something that they had never imagined before. For such an amazing innovation, Tilt Brush has won awards from Proto Awards 2014 and Unity Awards 2015 even when it was just a prototype. Below are the testimonials of the artists upon testing the device and app, as quoted from CNN Style:

"I had this idea of what I wanted to do, but when I entered the virtual space, at that moment everything changed," says calligrapher Said Dokins.

Faith47 explains that you're leaving the two-dimensional world behind and "basically sculpting your drawing."

"What really struck me was the ability that this has for this to be a platform for installations in museum and gallery space," admits Cuban-American artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada on how the technology could be applied.

Graffiti artist Chu agrees, saying that Tilt Brush is "going to revolutionize how people are going to view immersive artworks."

If you are curious about the innovation, check out the video here:



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