Major Teddy's action of carrying Gibran immediately attracted attention.

  15 Februari 2024 14:29 - The grand campaign of the couple Prabowo Subianto and Gibran Rakabuming Raka which was held at GBK (Gelora Bung Karno) some time ago attracted quite a lot of public attention. The reason is, there were many unique events during the event. One thing that attracted attention was when Major Teddy was seen carrying a woman who almost fainted.

The moment Teddy Indra Wijaya held the woman in the black and blue dress suddenly became a hot topic on the timeline. Major Teddy was seen carrying the woman on stage and hurriedly took her to the back of the stage. This moment was captured by sympathizers' cameras and spread on social media.

Gibran is carried by Major Teddy  various sources

photo: TikTok/@gio_lelaki

This moment of course made many netizens, especially those who are fans of Major Teddy, jealous of this action. Many pro and con comments were left by netizens in the comments column. On average, this action was considered too dramatic and excessive.

Even so, quite a few netizens imitated Major Teddy's actions by making parody videos. However, recently, Major Teddy was back in the spotlight after recreating the scene at Istora Senayan during the quick count version of the declaration of victory for candidate pair 02 Prabowo-Gibran, Wednesday (14/2).

Not a woman, the figure carried by Prabowo Subianto's personal assistant is Gibran Rakabuming Raka. In the midst of a crowd of supporters of candidate pair 02, Major Teddy suddenly lifted Gibran's body and carried him as he had done the other day. However, before carrying the president's son, Teddy seemed to say something to Gibran.

Gibran is carried by Major Teddy  various sources

photo: TikTok/@boywithluv1710

I don't know what was said, but after a few seconds Teddy immediately picked him up. Meanwhile, look at Gibran's Instagram account. Apparently Selvi Ananda's husband posted the moment when he was carried by Major Teddy. In his caption, Gibran wrote that he did not expect to be carried by Prabowo's aide.

Gibran is carried by Major Teddy  various sources

photo: Instagram/@gibran_rakabuming

" What was your dream last night that you were carried by Major @tedsky89 ," wrote Gibran in the caption column, quoted by on Thursday (15/2).

The moment Major Teddy was carrying Gibran was uploaded by the TikTok account @boywithluv1710 on Wednesday (14/2). In less than a day, this TikTok video has been watched more than 2 million times. Likewise, the comments column is full of netizens.

Meanwhile, in Gibran Rakabuming's Instagram post, the photo of him being carried by Teddy has been liked by 1.2 million Instagram users and received 50 thousand comments.

" It's just a lack of faint acting, Mr Vice President, " said @nicke_cubby.

" Why is he fainting, bro hahaha, " asked @alint.markani jokingly.

" His expression is more sincere in carrying Mas Gibran than PD carrying him yesterday ," said the TikTok account @intansari6782.

" Seriously, what was the reason he was carrying Mas Gibran? Very random, " asked TikTok @aiiunovia.

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