The younger crowd of Jogja frequent this temple because of its beautiful scenery.

  22 Oktober 2015 09:00 - Most people will know Yogyakarta as a city that is blessed with an abundance of cultural treasures. Visiting Jogja is seemingly incomplete if we do not visit one the many temples that adorn the city and its surrounding areas. If you are only familiar with Prambanan and Borobudur Temple in Central Java, maybe its time you branch out at visit the other temples near Jogja thats as rich in history and as intricate as the bigger temples. For example Sambisari Temple.

The complex of Sambisari Temple is located to the east of Jogja city, near Kalasan in Sleman Regency. It takes around 30-45 minutes to get to this temple by riding a motorcycle. If you drive a car or ride a tour bus, it might take up to 60 minutes to get there.

Taking an affordable picnic to stunning Sambisari Temple

When you have arrived at the temple, , you can park your vehicle in a parking lot which has been provided. Parking costs IDR 2,000 for motorcycles. The parking lot organized by the locals also provides drinks and snacks for purchase. You can also rent an umbrella for IDR 3,000 if it is too hot, or a mat which costs IDR 5,000 if you want to have a picnic in the complex of temple.

You can basically stay all day by the temple complex. Its recommended to arrive at the temple rather early in the morning, because there will be way less people compared to later in the afternoon. By 3PM the area will be crowded by both foreign and local tourists. A big reason on why the temple is popular is perhaps because the entry fees are very cheap. The price for an adult is IDR 2.000 and IDR for kids!

Taking an affordable picnic to stunning Sambisari Temple

The Sambisari Temple itself has four temples, consisting of three guardian temples and one main temple surrounded by gates measuring 50 x 40 meter. Unfortunately, some parts of the temples has suffered some damage. Nonetheless, the fallen stones are arranged neatly and you can see it on the left of entrance location.

Many people from Jogja, especially the younger crowds, like to visit this temple because of its beautiful scenery thats highly suitable for taking photographs. Another addition to your Jogja hit list no?

Taking an affordable picnic to stunning Sambisari Temple

Taking an affordable picnic to stunning Sambisari Temple