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Ardina Rasti's confession about Luna Maya's kindness managed to touch her.

  15 Februari 2024 19:24

Brilio.net - Ardina Rasti, the artist who is now Arie Dwi Andhika's wife, turns out to have a dark past. Maybe those of you who have been following the careers of soap opera and film actors for a long time know that in the past Ardina Rasti was involved in a violent case where she was the victim.

Well, recently the Virgin film actor was hotly discussed by netizens after revealing his past in a podcast. When he appeared as a guest star on TS Media's YouTube Channel, he shared this bitter experience and how he got through it.

Brilio.net reported from YouTube TS Media, Ardina was confused and cornered when she faced the legal cases of violence and slander that were coming. When she was at her lowest point, Ardina openly revealed Luna Maya's kindness which meant a lot to her. That moment made the atmosphere sad.

Ardina Rasti reveals Luna Maya's kindness  Various sources

photo: YouTube/TS Media

In the past, Ardina Rasti was a victim of violence which became a hot topic in society. As a public figure, the problem has become a national issue.

"Several years ago I was at a moment where I was fighting for justice, when seeking justice for cases of violence against women, where there were cases of abuse against women, which was me," said the mother of two children.

The 38 year old actress admitted that she was confused by the situation. The reason is, he has never been involved in a trial, which has resulted in a lot of slander.

"Then there I was really shocked, because I never knew and I had to deal with the law, with the trial, with the media, and what was certain was that when it became a national case, there were a lot of slander," continued Ardina Rasti.

Ardina Rasti reveals Luna Maya's kindness  Various sources

photo: YouTube/TS Media

After telling the bitter story of the past, Ardina Rasti also revealed Luna Maya's kindness. He recalled the moment when one of his fellow celebrities sent an encouraging message. The contents of the message were able to make him enthusiastic about completing the trial process again.

Ardina Rasti's confession about Luna Maya's kindness also managed to touch her. These words from Luna also became reinforcement for him and the lawyer before undergoing trial.

"Suddenly Sis Luna was my WA, my WA was very, very strengthening and finally throughout my 8 month trial, every time I went to trial, my lawyer and I, we always opened the quote first from Sis Luna and it was really strengthening ," he added.

Ardina Rasti reveals Luna Maya's kindness  Various sources

photo: YouTube/TS Media

Although not in detail, Ardina Rasti still remembers the contents of the message Luna Maya sent. One of them is the message that fellow women must support each other.

"The main thing is, don't give up, continue to support each other as women, there we will be able to know which friends are true and which are not," recalled Ardina Rasti.

The moment when Ardina Rasti reminisced about Luna Maya's past and kindness became a highlight. In the YouTube comments column, many people praise Luna Maya's personality, which is well known.

Ardina Rasti reveals Luna Maya's kindness  Various sources

photo: Instagram/@ardinarasti6

"Because Luna has gone through some extraordinary life experiences, she's had a lot of life journeys so she knows how to overcome it... I think it's fun to have a friend like Luna," said @yayusafiina5753.

"I'm even more amazed by you, Luna, she's beautiful, smart, kind, not arrogant, she's the complete package, a real angel on earth," commented @user-bj4og9bb5y.

"It's true that Luna is sacrificing for the sake of her bestie, totally without limits... especially with her life partner, I can't imagine what that sacrifice would look like," said @karunisargirani6511.