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Sarwendah brought her three children to live at her sister's house. What's wrong with Ruben Onsu's household?

  2 Mei 2024 12:20 - Sarwendah recently experienced an illness that required him to be hospitalized. Ruben Onsu's wife had to undergo surgery because of sinusitis. He also had to undergo surgery because he felt pain in his cheek.

However, after the operation it was discovered that Sarwendah did not return home with Ruben Onsu. The mother of three children is known to have been separated from home for two months. Currently, Sarwendah lives at the house of her sister, Wendy.

"It's been two months, so it's easy, there are relatives living with relatives. If you live at a friend's house, it will be troublesome later," he said.

There have also been several reports that Ruben Onsu and Sarwendah's household is shaky. Reportedly, Ruben did not accompany Sarwendah while undergoing treatment at the hospital. It is also known that he did not pick up his wife.

"In that case, he (Ruben Onsu) didn't come, but some of my friends did," said Sarwendah, quoted by from STARPRO Indonesia, Thursday (2/5).

sarwendah ruben onsu separates from home  2024 Instagram

photo: Instagram/@sarwendah29

Sarwendah did not reveal the reason why Ruben did not accompany or visit her. Apart from that, the former Cherrybelle member has not lived with Ruben for two months. He did not say the reason why he did not live in his private house.

Sarwendah argued that it would be easier to go back and forth to the hospital. As is known, Sarwendah had undergone surgery due to the sinusitis he was suffering from. During that time, Sarwendah was cared for by Jordi Onsu and Bertrand Peto alias Onyo.

" After this, I went straight home, the children and I happened to live at Aunt Wendy's house. If it was at Aunt Wendy's house, it would be easier to go back and forth ," he explained.

Regarding staying at her sister's house, Sarwendah brought her three children. The reason is, all this time he had to take care of his children.

"I live at home with the children. I'm with the children, for example, what if the children don't have a mother. Who makes lunch every day, who does the cooking every day and who takes care of it," he said.

sarwendah ruben onsu separates from home  2024 Instagram

photo: Instagram/@sarwendah29

The news about the breakdown of Ruben Onsu and Sarwendah's household became a suspicion among netizens. The reason is, in Sarwendah's latest upload, he did not mention Ruben Onsu's name. In fact, previously they had created content to check out a new house together.

" Wasn't Ruben mentioned????? " asked @eryrosmakartika27.

" How come Mr. Ruben is never seen and never mentioned, huh...poor thing ," said @cantik.azza.

" What's wrong, there's no ruben, I missed it ," said @tetehrisolqu.

" Mum, the operation is on Sunday, Saturday to Sunday, Ruben's father hosts at the SCTV Madiun carnival, and the TV contract will definitely be far away if it is cancelled, the fine will definitely be huge, especially since Ruben's father is the main host there ," said @mirac.olosa, dismissing netizens' allegations.

" It's true, even though when he was admitted to the hospital, Ruben was working in Madiun ," said @amyabineno.