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When questioned about her closeness to Andrew, Soraya sounded reluctant to admit it.

  18 Mei 2024 12:25 - Some time ago, the public was shocked by the news of Andrew Andika's affair. This case was first revealed by his wife, Tengku Dewi Putri , who uploaded evidence of her husband's affair on social media. This woman, who is pregnant with her second child, revealed photo evidence and intimate chats between Andrew and many women.

This time, Tengku Dewi again received reports that her husband was close to a television presenter. The identity of the female presenter whose identity was finally revealed, namely Soraya Rasyid , has apparently been in contact with Andrew since 2023. Dewi then contacted Soraya again to ask for information about the truth of the story circulating.

" Grandma punten @sorayarasyid12 please answer the phone, I have something to say ," he wrote deliberately to satirize artists who cheat on their husbands.

Soraya Rasyid's clarification  2024 Instagram

photo: Instagram/@tengkudewiputri_tdp

In the next story, Dewi shared a telephone voice recording containing her interrogation with Soraya Rasyid.

" Is it true that yesterday at Senopati he was drunk? That's why he didn't realize that Andrew was hugging and kissing him in public? Are you sure it was because he was drunk? " asked Dewi, quoted from Instagram @tengkudewiputri_tdp, on Saturday (18/5).

"Yes," answered Soraya briefly.

When questioned about her closeness to Andrew, Soraya sounded reluctant to admit it.

" How close are you, Sis? I've never been close to anything like that ," argued Soraya.

However, Dewi did not give up because Soraya's answer was unsatisfactory. She also asked about the news that her husband was sleeping at home after the issue of the affair surfaced.

" Andrew is at your house, right? You accommodate him, right? " asked Dewi.

"No," answered Soraya briefly.

" Okay, it's better to just be honest, for example, 'Yes, Andrew is at my house, he's asking for help', that's it. What day has he been at your house? " said Dewi.

Soraya Rasyid's clarification  2024 Instagram

photo: Instagram/@tengkudewiputri_tdp

Soraya did not immediately answer since when Andrew had been staying at her house. He only explained that the man had stayed overnight at his manager's house.

" He was wandering around, he also went to his manager, to Panji ," he explained.

Someone revealed that Andrew had been staying at his house since the affair case was revealed. Responding to this, Soraya was silent for a while until finally Dewi offered to speak to her husband. However, it turned out that Soraya was at the shooting location.

" Look, I'm in the process of getting a divorce too, bro, so I just want to know how many days he's been in your house, don't let this spread everywhere, or you'll be devastated, you know. Just be honest, how many days do you keep him? " said Tengku Dewi.

The actress, who is famous for her role in Preman Pensiun, revealed that Andrew sent her a message on the first day of her affair being revealed. He also gave Andrew a place to stay at his house. With the condition that he doesn't do anything wrong because he has CCTV which can be accessed by Andrew's manager.

Soraya Rasyid's clarification  2024 Instagram

photo: Instagram/@tengkudewiputri_tdp

Soraya also denied having a special relationship with Tengku Dewi's husband. He argued that many of his friends stayed at his house when there was a problem.

" No, Sis, there are a lot of people who stay at my house. If someone has problems, there are those who stay at my house, like Tamara too ," he said.

However, Dewi was not satisfied with Soraya's explanation. He again related the incident of Andrew and Soraya making out in public in the club.

" But he said he was a friend, why do you want to hug and kiss at the club if you're just friends? That means you can do it ," he criticized.

" Isn't that me, Sis ," answered Soraya, stammering.

Dewi concluded that the incident at the club was just a mistake because she was under the influence of alcohol.

" So you made a mistake because you were drunk, right? Because you were drunk and didn't realize you were being kissed and hugged in public? " asked Dewi.

"Yes," answered Soraya briefly.

Soraya added that she just felt sorry for Andrew. He also thought that he was afraid that Dewi would attack him.

" I just thought out of pity that at that time, I was also afraid of being carried around like this, " he explained.

Soraya Rasyid's clarification  2024 Instagram

photo: Instagram/@tengkudewiputri_tdp

After calling Soraya, Tengku Dewi was still sarcastic about the woman. The reason is, Dewi does not believe that her closeness to Andrew is more than friends. In fact, there have been many witnesses to Andrew and Soraya's illicit relationship.

" Yes, I can't stop thinking about the circle, my father found out that their relationship had been around for a long time and was protective, until now they had a fake acc for dating the two of them, tsk, the real world is deception, scary ," wrote Dewi in her story after calling Soraya.