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This film by Visual Media Studio is planned to be shown in cinemas starting February 22 2024.

  16 Februari 2024 05:25 - Recently, many production houses have released horror genre films with various interesting stories and succeeded in making the audience feel the tense and tense atmosphere of the film scenes shown. Rather than just showing scary ghost figures, many production houses are preparing film scenarios carefully to produce interesting storylines.

This is also what the Visual Media Studio production house does. As is known, this production house has just collaborated with female directors and scriptwriters, namely Hadrah Daeng Ratu and Lele Laila to work on a horror film entitled Pemandi Jenazah.

This film tells the story of a woman named Lela who works as a corpse bather. After the sudden death of his mother, he continues to be terrorized by spirits. He also tried to solve the terror puzzle in various ways. The audience will also be made to feel the sensation of terror felt by Lela.

This film by Visual Media Studio is planned to be shown in cinemas starting February 22 2024. So, for those of you who are curious, let's take a look at's summary of 5 reasons you must watch the film Pemandi Jenazah , Thursday (15/2).

1. Involves many female roles, from directors, scriptwriters, to film actors.

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In the production process, the film Pemandi Jenazah involved many female figures, from the director, screenwriter, to the film actors. This new film by Visual Media Studio is known to be dominated by actresses.

The scriptwriter for the film Pemandi Jenazah, Lele Laila also shared her experience when writing the script for this horror film. He hopes that the audience will be entertained by the story and can take away the messages in the film.

"During the production process it was fun and thank God I was given friends who were good to work with in concocting the story so that the result wasn't just demons. I hope that the story of Pemandi Corpse is not just shocking and scary, but also has a message that can be absorbed and become "a reminder for all of us," said the scriptwriter for Pemandi Corpse, Lele Laila at a press conference, Thursday (15/2).

2. Research with real body bathers.

corpse bathing horror film  various sources

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The director of the film Pemandi Jenazah, Hadrah Daeng Ratu, revealed his experience while working on his latest film. According to Daeng, the process of making this film was quite stressful, but he also gained many new perspectives regarding the profession of body bathers.

To produce quality stories and acting, Hadrah also facilitates the actors in workshops with a real corpse bather, starting from practicing washing the corpse to shrouding it.

"As the process progressed, it turned out that the story made me more and more excited to create something different. From the beginning to the end the scene was about bathing a corpse, but the escalation was different. We also had workshops on bathing a corpse, shrouding it, and meeting real corpse bathers. "We talked and discussed a lot," said Hadrah.

Through this film, Hadrah also hopes that Bathing Corpses can be enjoyed by film audiences in Indonesia, especially fans of Indonesian horror films. He hopes that the message conveyed through this film can reach the audience.

"The hope is that many people will watch it so that the message will reach many people," he continued.

3. The audience will be invited to feel a tense sensation of terror.

corpse bathing horror film  various sources

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The film Pemandi Jenazah tells the story of a woman named Lela who follows in her mother's footsteps and becomes a body bather after her mother suddenly dies. However, on her journey to undertake her profession as a corpse bather, Lela actually experiences a lot of terrifying terror.

This horror film by Visual Media Studio stars a number of actors and actresses, starting from Aghniny Haque as Lela, Ibrahim Risyad as Arif, Djenar Maesa Ayu as Lela and Arif's mother, Amara Sophie as Rika, Riafinola as Mrs. Ida, Vonny Anggraini as Mrs. Ana , Ruth Marini as Mrs. Terry, Mian Tiara as Mrs. Tuti, and many more.

4. The filming process was carried out at a real grave.

corpse bathing horror film  various sources

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Usually, many directors choose to create location sets for horror scenes, such as scenes shot in graves. However, in this film, the film actors experienced firsthand the experience of filming in a real grave. In a press conference attended by , Riafinola or Nola B3 also shared her experience when she had to film in a real grave.

According to him, this experience was a tense moment. However, from there he learned to perform completely so that the results were satisfactory and as expected.

"What made me nervous was the last day of filming. There weren't many scenes, but I had to go into the grave. At 3 in the morning I was shrouded and filmed in a real grave. Once the shroud was finished, I felt scared because I was actually sleeping on the ground. From "Here I also learned that when an actress works she has to go all out," said Nola.

5. Spectators can also enjoy the Body Bathing Haunted House ride.

corpse bathing horror film  various sources

photo: Suci

Apart from being able to feel the thrilling sensation of terror, the audience can also try to experience the midnight show that will be held by the film Pemandi Jenazah. The plan is for the midnight show to take place starting February 17 2024 in 20 cinemas with showtimes at 22.00 WIB.

Apart from that, horror lovers can also experience the experience of being a corpse bather through the corpse bathing haunted house in Ciplaz Klender, East Jakarta.

"So actually, in Pemandi Jenazah, what we are offering is a horror film full of experience. If you follow Pemandi Jenazah's Instagram, you will know that we have a Haunted House experience. So the audience can feel the sensation of being a corpse bather," concluded Clarissa Eunice.