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She posted videos of blending the color paints on her Instagram account and surprisingly gained the world’s attention.

Victoria Tunggono   12 March 2016 13:00

Brilio.net - For some people, doing some art and craft is quite calming, even offering a type of relaxing therapy. But for those who don’t do art, watching the process can replace the activity. And that’s where this young painter comes in. Iris Nan, a sophomore fine art student from Los Angeles, loves to do some painting in her spare time.

She posted videos of blending the color paints on her Instagram account, @literaturechild, and surprisingly gained the world’s attention. She has 27,000 followers up to date, and thousands are watching her videos on daily basis.


real smooth

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As quoted from what Nan said to BuzzFeed in an interview, she admitted that she didn’t expect to see how people would be interested in seeing her artistic process. “Many people said it was very relaxing,” said Nan. Perhaps you will understand the effect from the video once you watch it yourself:

For Nan herself, her most favorite moment in the videos is when the color finally turns out, as her videos are mostly recording seconds-long of the blending from several different oil paint hues into one new color, using a palette knife.


Weirdly satisfying paint mixing.

People are weirdly obsessed with these videos of a girl mixing paint.

Posted by INSIDER on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Nan’s videos have been said to have an ASMR effect, which stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It is the effect that occurs when certain noises or visuals send a euphoric tingle down a person’s scalp and spine, and makes one feel relaxed. It is the same thing that people are using medias to help them get to sleep, like listening to soothing music or reading a book. “I think painting in general is therapeutic,” said Nan.

Nan started posting videos since November 2015 and now she gets thousands of likers on her videos, of which hundreds of them leaving comments as feedback. Most of the comments said that the videos are ‘so soothing’, ‘relaxing’, ‘therapeutic and amazing’, and wanting more because they ‘can spend hours watching her paint mixing vids’. One of her follower even said it is ‘satisfying’.

One of the similar Instagrammers is King Blotto III, a calligraphist who posts his videos of writing and making calligraphy with fountain pen on his account @kingblottothethird. People are craving to watch the clips of him experiencing with many pens, colors and types. Many found watching these art process videos as a new way to calm themselves, and maybe you should give a try, too.



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