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Becoming a real-life mermaid is no easy gig, a serious dedication and passion are required.

  10 Februari 2016 15:00

Brilio.net/en - Tired of your desk job? Just cant seem to relate to all those two-legged homo sapiens? The solution might be as easy as switching your career to become a real life mermaid.

Its no easy gig, and one that requires serious dedication and passion. And a good core to be able to keep those heavy fins flowing, because a classic breast stroke wont convince the kids you preform for that youre from the deep blue sea. The dolphin kick is the ideal manuveour for a believable mermaid swim, and one that requires both feet to stay together at the ankles and then simultaneously kicking them, meanwhile propelling your body forward. Even if you arent in the water, just doing a fin splash from the dry ground can be an arduous task, one that will no doubt leave your calves feeling toned and defined.

Youll also need some capital to invest in the life-like fins, which can cost up to $2000 USD, and good lungs to keep you breathing under water. Or get creative and crafty in order to make your tail stand out.

We finally got back from the Keys. Alas, our underwater photoshoot didn't end well. We met a pod of jellyfishes and we all got stung by them. On our way back to the boat, we lost the GoPro camera with all the footage inside. Thanks to the help of our friends, some certified and skilled divers has already started the researchs. We might hopefully get it back. Send prayers and positive thoughts to bring some luck. I would love to be able to show you what I did back there. Thank you very much. #Merman #Mermaid #Mermaiding #Mermen #Merfolk #UnderTheSea #Underwater #Photoshoot #Swim #Water #KeyLargo #OceanLove #RealLifeMerman #MermanTail #Finfolk #FinfolkProductions #Fins #Fun #French #GoPro #Trip #Travel #Florida #InstaLike #Mermaidsofinstagram #InstaGay #DreamsComeTrue #Believe

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But be ready for some serious competition. Real life mermaids have become popular performer in recent years, and are highly in demand for a wide variety of events, such as childrens parties, poolside parties, celebrations and even corporate events.

Mermaid Melissa from Florida, USA is arguable one of the most famous mermaids around and swims for more than just aesthetic value and hobby. In pursing a career as a mermaid, Melissa has aimed to increase awareness about marine life and ocean conservation. She is so dedicated to her career in fact, that she legally changed her name from Melissa Dawn to Mermaid Melissa, and claims to be the only person in the world with the name Mermaid. "I continue to invite others to join me on new adventures [to learn] how to enjoy, save, and [] protect our blue planet," she wrote on her website.

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