Image: Instagram/art.side

Turkish artist Huseyin Sahin proves that imagination is prettier than reality.

Ahada Ramadhana   27 March 2017 12:00

Turkish visual artist Huseyin Sahin combines technology and nature through his imagination turned them into wonderful pictures.

To prove that 'the facts are not beautiful', he shares his imagination on his Instagram account @art.side.

Here are some of his creation.

1. Planet Beach


2. Secret Pool


3. Time and Place


4. Mountain Beach


5. “My way…”


6. Scorpion Island


7. “Don’t be afraid!”


8. Wonderful!


9. Turtle’s Home


10. Purgatory


11. Drive to Freedom


12. Tiger and Deer


13. A Way To The Earth


14. Do you want to live in this house?


15. Whale in the desert



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