Baristas become true designers as they pour steamed milk into a shot of espresso, generating beautiful patterns that are so Instagrammable.

Retno Wulandari   24 May 2016 13:59 - Who doesn’t love sitting in a cozy and stylish coffee shop, sipping a cup of creamy latte? Whether you intend to get some tasks done in your favourite corner, or just come to enjoy the ambience, a cup of caffe latte is always a perfect choice. But seriously, are you really a coffee person, or just love to have a beautifully designed latte on your table, and eventually on your Instagram?

If the latter describes you better, no need to worry because you know what, most of us do so too! Latte art is a hot topic everywhere, and there are even several competitions around the world showcasing this unique form of art.

Baristas become true designers as they pour steamed milk into a shot of espresso, generating patterns or three-dimensional designs that are so beautiful and highly Instagrammable! Check some of their work here (we consider them as the best ones):

1. Classic latte art. Simple and beautiful!

Image via flickr 

2. Three cute kittens in a cup, you wouldn’t bear to sip it

Image via aspirantsg

3. The three bears, but where’s Goldilocks?

Image via aspirantsg

4. The lazy Snoopy has never been this cute

Image via aspirantsg

5. A flower just for you

Image via flickr 

6. Snoopy and his pals

Image via aspirantsg

7. The silly monkey

Image via webdesignerdepot

8. The chit-chatting cats, perfect for lovebirds

Image via aspirantsg

9. Halloween specials

Image via hyhoi

10. Classic leaves for all occasions

Image via thefoodcurators

11. Smirking lovey-dovey bear (reminds us of Edward Cullen who smirks a lot)

Image via onextrapixel

12. Cat’s enjoying onsen (Japanese hot springs)

Image via blogbaster

13. Nighty night, bunny!

Image via thesilverpen

14. Bunny’s sitting on a bridge

Image via wereblog




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