But why do simple things like these are so expensive? Here are why

  31 Januari 2016 15:00

Brilio.net/en - Often we see shops that look good and sell expensive stuff use a very minimalist design. Fashion brands like Zara, Topshop, Esprit and others use very simple fonts and do not have complicated logo. Products like Apple for gadgets or Muji for housewares and many, many other pricey stuffthey all have simple designs but the prices are so much above their competitors. Minimalist houses and interior even cost almost double the regular traditional homes while being almost empty to be compared to the rich and ornamental classic designs.

But why do simple things like these are so expensive? Here are why:

1. Elegance is in the simplicity
The key is in the quality. Wise men say you are an expert when you can explain something in the simplest way possible and so it is with a good design. So it must look as simple as possible but carries the companys vision, mission and philosophy behind it in the design that only experienced designers can translate.

2. Experience is the best teacher
Designers have already gone through many experiments of trials and errors that they could know which approach is best to use to create certain design. The projects they did in the school and other practices had made them trained to make the best design for every purpose. So its simply easier, faster and cheaper to leave it to the expertsno matter how long and expensive you think it isthan having to learn to do it by yourself, going through a series of trial and error and end up paying much more for all the failures, edits and remakes before getting the result you want.

3. The devil is in the details
Even when you think you know exactly what you want and how to do it and how you want it to be done, still there must be something that you miss out in the details because designers are trained to care for every single detail that most people cant see. But when you see a well-designed thing, you can feel it and you know theres a designer involved behind it.

4. Designers have spent so much on school
For a four years bachelor degree, a designer must spend millions of dollars for their education tuition fee, the art tools and supplies, and other equipment. They didnt invest so much to polish their talent and achieve the level of skill they got now for nothing. Its just proving of an old proverb that price doesnt lie and good design certainly costs more.

5. Learn to appreciate people
Designs were considered as tertiary need that rated not as important as the services from doctors, lawyers, or other older professions. But to take it from the designers perspective, they also need to pay bills, eat and live their life. And still, designer is a profession and they do their work professionally. So if you get paid for the things you do professionally for others, do exactly the same to people from other professions, designers included.