foto: TikTok/@tynphotography

When you're drunk with love~

  29 April 2024 21:25 - The trend of studio photos with your partner is increasingly popular nowadays. Its function can vary greatly depending on the couple in question. One of them is a way to celebrate and immortalize special moments in a relationship. So that the photos can be a beautiful memento to look back on in the future.

That's what this couple did. However, what is disturbing is that both of them still look very young. It can be seen from their posture to their facial expressions that this couple has just reached their teens.

Maybe just like other couples, they also take studio photos as a way to capture moments. This teenage couple chose to pose in a photo studio with a completely white background. There is a flower vase on a small black table which is the decoration in the studio.

The teenage boy was seen wearing a black checkered shirt combined with black trousers with the same motif and color. Meanwhile, his partner wore black cuffs wrapped in a sage color robe. Her outfit is completed with a white headscarf and sunglasses.

Generally, relationships in this age range are still considered puppy love. However, the lovebirds' pose is actually very intimate and serene, like pre-wedding. Even the way he takes photos is like a married person. It's not surprising that many are shocked by the concept of studio photos of this teenage couple.

"I'm shocked, you're shocked, we're all shik shak shok," said one netizen.

Are you curious about its appearance? The following are the results of the studio photo of this teenage lovebird which was collected by from the TikTok account @tynphotography on Monday (29/4).

1. The first pose they sit and hug each other. Eyes look at each other with feeling.

Teenagers do pre-wedding style photoshoot  TikTok

2. They change positions where the man stands while the woman remains seated. The pose used is the man hugging his lover from behind.

Teenagers do pre-wedding style photoshoot  TikTok

3. This third pose is not like a couple. But a child who is sungkem to his parents.

Teenagers do pre-wedding style photoshoot  TikTok

4. Being intimate again, this time they took a photo with the boy holding his girl.

Teenagers do pre-wedding style photoshoot  TikTok

5. Still using the concept of physical touch. They hugged while standing.

Teenagers do pre-wedding style photoshoot  TikTok

6. Looking at each other is also a pose they often do. Like pre-wedding.

Teenagers do pre-wedding style photoshoot  TikTok

7. Hugging each other and holding hands adds to the intimate impression of this teenage couple's studio photo.

Teenagers do pre-wedding style photoshoot  TikTok

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