Many people think that the actions of this group of women were less than ethical.

  15 Mei 2024 18:46 - While waiting for the studio doors at the cinema to open, quite a few big screen viewers choose to look at the film posters displayed outside. However, apparently, the activity of looking at film posters is not always seen positively by many people.

Like the video upload from the @lovinbrunette account which recently went viral on social media. The post shows a group of teenage girls laughing at a mother while looking at a film poster in the cinema.

A woman wearing a brown headscarf and beige trousers was looking at the poster for the film Kingdom of The Planet of The Apes which was stuck outside the studio. The mother, whose name is unknown, was then recorded without permission by a group of teenage girls behind her back.

mob of women laugh at mother in cinema  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@lovinbrunette

Not only did they record secretly, the group of teenagers laughed at the mothers who saw the film poster as if they were insulting them. The uploader also provided less ethical information in the video by adding the soundtrack to the song Dari Another Planet which was popularized by singer Sal Priadi.

mob of women laugh at mother in cinema  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@lovinbrunette

" Real suspicion of the planet of the apes, " he wrote with a sad emoticon, reported by from TikTok/@lovinbrunette on Wednesday (15/5).

Many people don't like the action of a group of teenage girls who secretly recorded a mother who might have been reading the information on the film poster. This made many netizens criticize the group of teenage girls.

When I tried to directly search for the @lovinbrunette account, it turned out that the account had disappeared on TikTok, allegedly being deactivated because it was invaded by netizens who didn't like its actions. It is known that the account has changed its name @_jsn14. However, the account has not provided any clarification regarding the video it uploaded.

" That's what's on the screen, ugly heart, ugly face, " said @@allen_2310

" It's really funny, isn't it? You're laughing? Sis, I'm also rich and I'm taking photos, I'm immortalizing them, I'm sharing them on social media. The tacky ones are the ones who think this is a joke. Can you respect people's privacy? Just be polite, " added @ @ZzarPark61.

" Those who laugh at it are actually tacky, never see people looking at film posters in cinemas, " explained @caluxcreeck.

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