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So it's a private area, it's revealed what the interior of the soap opera actor's bedroom is like

  19 April 2024 17:26 - Soap operas are a favorite entertainment for the people of Indonesia, especially for mothers. The soap opera presents an exciting story with the total acting of its artists. It's no surprise that soap opera artists are widely known by the public and have fans.

Apart from that, the pay for soap opera actors is quite large, you know. Therefore, several actresses and actors have luxurious homes. Likewise, every corner of the house looks comfortable, including the private rooms.

As a private space to unwind and rest, the private rooms for soap opera actors are designed to be comfortable. Some of them don't design their rooms to look grand and luxurious. However, it looks very comfortable for resting.

Instead of being curious, take a look at the portraits of the private rooms of Indonesian soap opera actors compiled by from various sources on Friday (19/4).

1. Natasha Wilona has a minimalist sized room which is quite simple because it doesn't have a walk in closet. Even so, the room is actually very comfortable for resting.

Indonesian soap opera room  2024

photo: YouTube/iWill Network

2. At a young age, Verrell Bramasta succeeded in building the luxury house of his dreams. Likewise, the bedroom is no less luxurious, equipped with a mattress that can be used for 6 people.

Indonesian soap opera room  2024

photo: YouTube/AHHA

3. Syifa Hadju has a comfortable room like a princess. The walls are unique because they use exposed bricks painted white.

Indonesian soap opera room  2024

photo: YouTube/Trans7 Official

4. Cut Ratu Meyriska and Roger Danuarta designed their room by adding a mirror to make the room look spacious. The room design is minimalist so it looks really comfortable, right?

Indonesian soap opera room  2024

photo: Instagram/@cutratumeyriska

5. Syahnaz Sadiqah and Jeje have rooms that are designed to be quite feminine. Moreover, add decorations in the form of frames and vases with flowers.

Indonesian soap opera room  2024

photo: YouTube/RANS Entertainment

6. Rangga Azof designed his room quite masculine, namely choosing dark colors with a minimalist theme. It looks really clean and neat, right?

Indonesian soap opera room  2024

photo: YouTube/Arrofi Ramadhan

7. Having just finished building his house, Rizky Nazar's room looks minimally furnished. Even so, it looks clean and very spacious.

Indonesian soap opera room  2024

photo: YouTube/EL HERO

8. As a soap opera actor at a young age, Rey Bong has succeeded in having his own house. This room is spacious but still simple with additional furniture, glass cupboards and spring beds.

Indonesian soap opera room  2024

photo: YouTube/ReyBong TV

9. Citra Kirana and Rizky Aditya also designed their room with a Japandi concept, which emphasizes a minimalist theme that makes you comfortable. Looks really warm, right?

Indonesian soap opera room  2024

photo: YouTube/Lifetime Design

10. Beby Tsabina chose to design her room according to her references. She chose calm, feminine colors to decorate her room.

Indonesian soap opera room  2024

photo: YouTube/Beby Tsabina TV

11. Glenca Chysara and Rendi John put fingerprints on their bedroom door. Meanwhile, the room is quite minimalist without a walk-in closet, you know.

Indonesian soap opera room  2024

photo: YouTube/Valentino Gress Official