Funny jokes can be an opening topic for conversation when approaching.

  25 Maret 2024 20:45 - In an effort to find a soul mate, one of the things that cannot be missed is the approach process or PDKT. This phase is usually filled with the flowers of romance which may not happen again after marriage. One of them is the PDKT period with funny words of seduction.

To establish good communication, sometimes you need to bring out your humorous side but still be romantic. These cheesy words can be used for those of you who are exploring the approaching period. Apart from being a conversation topic that is not boring, you will also seem witty and pleasant in the eyes of your crush.

Seducing with words has become a common thing to do when approaching, but sometimes people run out of ideas when it comes to using lies. So that you always have humorous flirtations for your partner, you can try the following series of funny flirtatious words.

Reported by from various sources, Monday (25/3), here are 85 funny words of flirtation that are suitable for PDKT for you and your crush.

Funny words of seduction for PDKT.

Funny flirty words  various sources


1. "Sorry, do you have a GPS? I got lost in your heart."

2. "How often do you drink coffee? Because you make my heart race."

3. "If I may ask, what book are you reading? I could be the next page."

4. "Do you like music? I could be your song, playing in your heart every day."

5. "I just want to let you know that the sun will definitely be jealous of your smile."

6. "You have a camera? Because every time I see you, I want to capture that moment."

7. "I don't know your home address, can I get your WhatsApp number?"

8. "Did you know, love is like mathematics. If I'm not mistaken, the two of us are the answer."

9. "I want to talk to you, I think my heart has run out of gas. Can I have a little gas for your heart?"

10. "If you were rain, I would hold you tight, so you wouldn't fall to the ground."

11. "You feel WiFi, right? Because I feel really connected to you."

12. "I told God that I need love. Turns out, God loves you."

13. "I can only look at you from afar, like someone looking at the menu at an expensive restaurant."

14. "You must drink milk often, don't you? Because you make my day brighter."

15. "Do you know, I like you like a cow likes grass. They can't be separated."

16. "You often exercise, huh? Because my heart beats fast every time I'm near you."

17. "You know, I'm like a sunflower. Always following your light."

18. "If love is blind, I would be willing to be the stick as long as you are the eyes."

19. "I don't believe that love is blind. You see, I can see a future with you."

20. "I'm like a puzzle that's hard to solve. But, if you want, I'll give you a hint."

21. "If there was a matchmaker app, I would definitely swipe right and keep swiping right if I met you."

22. "You know, I am now in a safe position, namely in your heart."

23. "I'm like an omelet. It can't be anything without you as the salt."

24. "I'm like a cell phone camera, always focusing myself on you."

25. "I'm like a blocked ATM card, I need a love code from you to open it again."

26. "If you are between 'A' and 'C', I would definitely choose 'C' because 'C' (is) beautiful (you)."

27. "I'm like a rose. If you were a thorn, I'd be ready to nudge to get close to you."

28. "I'm like a rocket, ready to launch into your heart at the speed of light."

29. "I'm like a GPS, I only have one goal: to your heart."

30. "I'm like paper, you're like a pencil. Without you, my life is just black and white."

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Funny sayings for your crush.

Funny flirty words  various sources


31. "You are like a camera, every smile you make makes me want to keep snapping."

32. "I like you like first love, you can't forget it."

33. "You're like my favorite radio station, always on my mind."

34. "I'm like a book, I can't stop reading your sweet facial expressions."

35. "You are like the key to my lost heart, finally found it in you."

36. "You are like love candy, it makes me want to keep seeing you."

37. "I'm like a magnet, always attracted to you."

38. "You are like a morning alarm, which always makes my days more enthusiastic."

39. "I'm like a lantern, I need you as the fire that lights up my night."

40. "You are like a star in the dark sky, always shining in the darkness of my heart."

41. "I'm like a compass, the direction of my life always points to you."

42. "You are like a favorite game, making me want to stay for a long time."

43. "I'm like a fisherman, you are the last fish I catch."

44. "You are like spring, bringing warmth to my cold heart."

45. "I'm like a watch, meaningless without you as my timepiece."

46. "You are like coffee, without you, my days feel bland."

47. "I'm like a tree, I need you as supporting roots."

48. "You are like a favorite song, always playing in my head and heart."

49. "I'm like a ship, needing you as a safe harbor."

50. "You are like chocolate, making my days sweet and colorful."

51. "I'm like a canvas, you are the artist who paints my happiness."

52. "You are like a circus, every action you make always makes my heart squat."

53. "I'm like a rainbow, I need you as the bright colors in my life."

54. "You are like a flower, fragrant and beautiful, always captivate my heart."

55. "I'm like a shoe, I need you as a partner who always walks with me."

56. "You are like the wind, the blow is gentle but makes me fly."

57. "I'm like a puzzle, it wouldn't be perfect without you as the final piece."

58. "You are like a light bulb, lighting up my dark path in life."

59. "I'm like a landscape, I need you as an element that makes it beautiful."

60. "You are like a stove, making my heart hot but comfortable."

Funny contemporary seduction words.

Funny flirty words  various sources


61. "You know, I'm like a plane ticket. Ready to take you to fly away from loneliness."

62. "I'm like a hashtag, always wanting to unite 'you' and 'me' in one unit."

63. "I'm like a meme that always makes you smile every time you see it."

64. "I'm like a trending topic, I want to always be the main topic in your life."

65. "I'm like an emoji, my every presence always makes your mood happier."

66. "I'm like an Instagram story, I want to always be part of the important moments in your life."

67. "I'm like your favorite playlist, ready to accompany your every step and feeling."

68. "I'm like an Instagram filter, always wanting to make your face look more beautiful."

69. "I'm like a chat app, always there for you whenever you need."

70. "I'm like a funny GIF, ready to make your day more colorful."

71. "I'm like a viral meme, I want to always be the main highlight in your life."

72. "I'm like posting on Instagram, I want to always like and comment on you."

73. "I'm like a tweet that is always retweeted, I want to always be a part of your life."

74. "I'm like a Snapchat filter, always wanting to make your face look stunning."

75. "I'm like TikTok videos, I want to always be your favorite entertainment."

76. "I'm like a challenge on social media, I want to always be a fun challenge for you."

77. "I'm like a mobile game, I want to always be the first choice in your heart."

78. "I'm like a status update, I want to always be good news in your life."

79. "I'm like a WhatsApp notification, always wanting to make your day more enthusiastic."

80. "I'm like a filter on Snapchat, always wanting to make your face look more attractive."

81. "I'm like a story on Instagram, I want to always be part of the beautiful moments in your life."

82. "I'm like posting on Facebook, I want to always be liked and shared by you."

83. "I'm like a cute GIF, ready to make your day brighter."

84. "I'm like a trending topic on Twitter, I want to always be a hot topic in your conversations."

85. "I'm like a chat app, always there for you whenever you need."