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The action of the man who distributed Rp. 50 thousand to the congregation during tarawih automatically caused him to move the mosque.

  24 Maret 2024 06:00 - Tarawih prayers are one of the worship services that Muslims look forward to as they enter the month of Ramadan. Apart from being an opportunity to gain rewards in this holy month, the tarawih prayer moment is also often used by some people to carry out various good deeds.

Like what went viral recently on social media. A TikTok user @arema4, uploaded a video showing someone distributing money to the congregation during tarawih prayers at a mosque in Malang, East Java.

In the recording, a man can be seen wearing a white koko shirt, blue sarong and cap, walking among the seated congregation. It was seen that he gave money to the congregation present at the mosque.

It was stated that the amount of money distributed to the congregation during tarawih prayers was IDR 50 thousand. Not only that, it seems that this act of providing sustenance is also carried out during the morning prayers and Asr prayers. In the video description, it is written that the person who gave the money to the congregation is named Haji Sulaiman.

tarawih but share IDR 50 thousand  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@arema4

In the video, the account owner revealed that when the time for morning prayers arrived, there was a gift of IDR 20 thousand to each congregation. However, if the morning prayer falls on Friday, each congregation will receive IDR 50 thousand.

Meanwhile, during Asr prayers at the mosque, Rp. 20 thousand will be given to each congregation. Apart from that, even when the tadarus moment approaches the end of the month, food packages, clothes, sarongs and also some money will be given to the congregation who attend.

" Taraweh 50,000, Fajr on weekdays 20,000, Fajr Friday 50,000, Koran asr 20,000, Tadarus at the end of the month (groceries, clothes, sarongs, money, " wrote the account owner in the upload description.

Reported by from on Sunday (24/3), the action of giving good fortune apparently took place at the Jami' Al Ilyas Mosque which is located in Penjalinan Hamlet, Gondanglegi Kulon Village, Gondanglegi District, Malang Regency, or what is known as Wing Mas Gondanglegi Kulon.

tarawih but share IDR 50 thousand  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@arema4

Sayap Mas is a cigarette company owned by Haji Sulaiman. This can also be known through comments left by netizens. Haji Sulaiman is known as a businessman who is generous towards the people around him. He is the owner of a company known as CV Sayap Mas Nusantara, which is based in Sukosari Village, Gondanglegi District, Malang Regency.

The moment of giving money during tarawih prayers went viral on social media and has been watched more than 9.9 million times and liked 393.1 times. Not only that, the video also triggered various responses from netizens in the comments column.

" Masya Allah. Stay healthy, Mr. H Sulaiman ," said the account @farikhiyati.

" Masya Allah, benefactor with a rich heart, this is the wealth and money that he brought to death, sodakoh, the charity of Jariyah, which never ends, Pak Haji Sulaiman's good fortune will never run out because all the congregation prayed for him like Prophet Sulaim ," wrote the account @ahmadramadhan797.

" I want to be like Mr. Haji Sulaiman, O Allah, " said the account @maynaka24434.

" OTW MALANG, Bogor-Malang 300k, a day 70k teraweh and dawn if I get 700k in 10 days, for return costs 300k, profit 400k, " commented the account @dlyfirstt.

" If I'm not mistaken, this is Hajj Sulaiman who was part of the Malang GDL, who won as a PDIP candidate, " responded the account @pena_alfath

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