The opening rhyme of a show has the power to captivate listeners so that their attention is not diverted.

  29 Mei 2024 08:25 - Pantun is an old form of poetry that is often used for formal occasions such as weddings, discussions and so on. Pantun is packaged in such a way as to entertain listeners and preserve the culture that has long been inherent in certain tribes, such as Malay, Betawi, Minang and many more.

Pantun is part of Indonesian literature as a medium or means of communication between individuals and groups for important events. One example of a rhyme that is often used is an event opening rhyme. The opening rhyme of a show has the power to captivate listeners so that their attention is not diverted. The event opening rhyme has an important role in creating a strong first impression on the audience.

The use of pantun as an event opener enriches the audience's experience with a creative and cultural touch. The opening rhyme for the event was able to attract the attention of the audience while giving a warm and friendly impression. By involving elements of humor, wit and the beauty of words, event opening rhymes can be a fun way to welcome attendees and create a relaxed but enthusiastic atmosphere.

You don't need to worry about how to make an event opening rhyme for your activity, just look at the following examples of event opening rhymes, as reported by from various sources, Tuesday (28/5).

Anti-boring event opening rhyme

The opening rhyme for the anti-boring event

Anti-boring event opening rhyme

1. Stop for a while at Kadir's house
Asked for tomatoes and papaya
For those of you who attended
Greetings from me.

2. Sticky rice plus yeast
Make a tape for nostalgia
Ladies and gentlemen, good morning
May you always be healthy and happy.

3. The body is strong and old
Bring a hoe for farming
How are you all present?
Welcome to this event.

4. How beautiful the virgin is
If you walk it's really slow
Greetings to open the speech
Welcome distinguished guests.

5. The water is rippling, a sign that it is not deep
The water is calm like diamonds
Let me say hello
For all attendees.

6. Traditional houses are really cool
Planks are arranged as a floor
We have all gathered
We will start the event soon.

7. Sweet potatoes grow in twists
Grows big between rocks
Welcome ladies and gentlemen
The spirit of competition maintains unity.

8. Sunday to the sub-district head's house
Ride a motorbike and go alone
I say hello
For all attendees.

9. Eat bread with jam
Haven't finished putting it on the tray yet
I will start this speech
Happy listening.

10. Go to Taman Mini early in the morning
Invite friends for recreation
I begin today's speech
Let's get down to the material.

11. Meeting friends you haven't seen for a long time
Turns out he's a law graduate
Assalamualaikum all friends
May your lips be decorated with a smile.

12. The sunrise is not yet high
Walk alone waiting for dawn
assalamualaikum good morning
Hopefully this event goes smoothly.

13. Pick a bud flower
The small flowers are moth-eaten
Assalamualaikum welcome
I greeted the audience warmly.

14. All writing must be summarized
Before being sent to Belgium
I say assalamualaikum
For a happy audience.

15. In the evening, go to Dini's house
With Ani for practicum
Thank you for coming here
The beginning said Assalamualaikum.

16. Hajj pilgrimage in the city of Mecca
Listen to the cult with wisdom
Before I start the lecture
I say assalamualaikum.

17. Jasmine buds grow like creepers
It's a shame to grow up in a pine tree
Assalamualaikum begins the word
I worship the speaker.

18. The dew comes and the flowers bloom
The sun came and broke in the morning
I say assalamualaikum
For those of you who care.

19. If you know flowers are as tall as tall
From western Malay
assalamualaikum good morning
I greet you warmly.

20. After drinking, the glass is placed
Don't forget to give thanks and pray
I say Assalamualaikum
How are you my dear colleague?

The opening rhyme is fun

The opening rhyme for the anti-boring event

Anti-boring event opening rhyme

21. Go to the ocean on a submarine
The air is hot and humid
I'll say hello later
Don't forget the audience to answer.

22. Persib Bandung versus Mitra Kukar
If you receive a trophy, you can display it
Please attendees prepare mats
Because my speech is a bit long.

23. How sweet the magpie bird is
Perched for a while in a lush tree
Before our event starts
Let me convey a poem.

24. When you eat, don't scatter it
Take care of the kitchen so it's not messy
Even though I haven't said hello yet
I invite those who want to go to the toilet.

25. Travel to the city of Padang
Until there, eat tripe soup
Thank you for coming
Even though the weather is not friendly.

26. High cliff on a mountain
Merapi be careful when climbing
This life cannot be repeated
Let's just start today.

27. Vacation to Tanjung Pinang by submarine
Waiting at the edge of the pier
When someone says hello
Please answer loudly and powerfully.

28. Sit at the table while eating
View of the weed forest
We give a thousand thanks
To the brothers and sisters who have come.

29. Stop for a while at Basir's house
Asked for tomatoes and papaya
For those of you who were present
Greetings from me.

30. The sun sets towards evening
Cassowary birds pacing back and forth
We welcome you
Thank you for coming.

The opening poem attracts the audience's attention

The opening rhyme for the anti-boring event

Anti-boring event opening rhyme

31. Study with a math teacher
After that, go home
Before the event opens
Let's say bismillah together.

32. Far from the island of Malacca
Go on Hajj to the city of Mecca
With Bismillah the event opened
May the event be blessed.

33. The king's guards caught the fish
About to be cooked into curry
With Bismillah to open the event
A sign that the event is about to start.

34. Watermelon is really sweet
It is red when cut
Before we open the event
Let's say bismillah together.

35. Catfish is delicious in curry
Eaten with Tamara
With Bismillah the event began
We chanted to open the event.

36. Pick a mango with a pole
The two fell apart and became scattered
Let me say bismillah
Hopefully the event goes smoothly.

37. Seven chariots we anchored
So you don't get tired of carrying vanilla
Before the event we continue
Let's bow our heads for a moment.

38. Love hurts at its lowest point
Boyfriend walks away, sad heart
Thank you for coming
May God always bless.

39. Want to taste curry
Taro stem mushroom curry
The feeling of joy is unfathomable
Meet kind colleagues.

40. There is a child going with his mother
Take a play walk through the maze
Let me greet everyone
Good morning to the audience.

41. The fishermen went to fish
So that the wife and children can eat
I send my greetings of love
For all attendees.

42. Got the virgin's leaves
Under the tempua bird's nest
Polite greeting to open the event
Welcome to all.

43. Don't be noisy on a motorbike
From the city of Solo brought a guitar
Thank you moderator
Let me make a short speech.

44. Beautiful women become singers
Confused for a moment looking for the address
Welcome ladies and gentlemen
Hopefully this event will bring benefits.

45. Fishermen catch tuna fish
Sold two at the supermarket
I'm here as a protocol
Hopefully it can bring events.

Tips for speaking in front of a crowd

Speaking in front of a crowd can be challenging for many people, but with practice and a few tips, you can become more confident and effective in communicating. Here are tips for speaking in front of a crowd.

1. Thorough preparation

Prepare presentation materials well. When you feel confident about the content of your presentation or the topic you are going to convey, you will be more confident in front of many people.

2. Practice speaking

Practicing speaking in front of a mirror or even recording yourself can help you feel more comfortable with your voice and speaking style. It also helps identify areas that need improvement.

3. Breathe well

Breathing deeply and regularly can help you feel calmer and more focused. This technique can relax the mind so that it is more relaxed when facing the audience.

4. Response to the audience

Don't be afraid to respond to questions or comments from your audience. This can help build better relationships and make your presentation feel more interactive.

5. Be confident

Believe in yourself and in the material you present. When you show confidence, your audience will also be more likely to believe what you say.