These are the most horrific and inhumane methods to execute human.

  16 April 2016 11:37 - Every country, organization and gang in the world has different methods for executing their prisoners. Some methods are claimed to be more humane and much quicker than the others, while the rest are too horrible to even fathom.

In Indonesia, death-sentenced inmates are executed by firing squad. The inmate has the choice of standing or sitting, and of whether to have his eyes covered by a blindfold or hood. The firing squad consists of 12 people, three of whose rifles are loaded with live ammunition, while the other nine are loaded with blanks. The squad fires from a distance of between five and ten meters. If after the shooting the inmate still shows signs of life, there will be one final shot to the head.

Thats a pretty horrific and inhumane way to execute, but it pales in comparison to these 10 worst execution methods around the world:

1. Walking the plank

Sadistic death execution methods  2016

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It was an old way to execute an inmate thought to have been practiced on special occasion by pirates, mutineers, and other rogue seafarers. The prisoner was forced to walk off a wooden plank or beam extended over the side of a ship, just above of the roaring ocean (sometimes in the area of water infested by sharks). The inmates were expected to die soon after they forcibly splashed in the water.

2. Cement shoes

Sadistic death execution methods  2016

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Its a method of execution adopted by American mobs that involve weighing down a victim and throwing him or her into the water to drown. The inmates feet are placed into the two spaces of a cinderblock, which is then filled with wet cement. Sometimes a plain bucket or box will also do. Once the cement hardens, the victim is thrown into a river, lake or the ocean.

3. Ling-chi

Sadistic death execution methods  2016

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Also known as the death by a thousand cuts, this one is probably one of the most brutal execution methods ever used. Originally from China, the method was in use roughly from the year 900, until it was banned in 1905. Basically, it involves tying the victim to tied to a wooden frame, usually in a public area, with the executory cutting off select parts of their body before killing them.

The flesh sliced from the body, beginning with victims breasts and thighs, and then progressing to the limbs gradually amputated, followed by ears, nose, and genitals. After 10-20 minutes enduring the unbearable pain, the victim was decapitated or stabbed in the heart. During the execution, opium was sometimes used as an act of mercy.

4. Being sawed in half

Sadistic death execution methods  2016

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It was an incredibly cruel and horrific way to execute inmates and was especially practiced in the Medieval Europe. During the process, the inmates body is literally sliced down in half. With his or her body hanging upside-down from a gallows, a large saw was used to cut the body starting with the crotch, all the way to the chest and head.

While some victims were cut completely in half, most of them were only sliced up to their abdomen, prolonging their agony. Because the body is hung upside-down, the brain will receive sufficient blood flow to keep the person alive and conscious until the saw finally reaches the main arteries in the abdomen.

5. The Brazen Bull

Sadistic death execution methods  2016

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Also known as the Sicilian Bull, the Brazen Bull is an execution device designed by blacksmith Perilaus of Athens in 560 BC. The bull is made entirely from bronze with a hole, big enough to place one human inside. The bronze bull has a door on one side to insert the victim, and the bulls head was constructed with a system of tubes and pipes to convert the victims painful shrieks to sounds similar to the bellowing bull.

During the process, the inmate was locked inside the bull, and a fire was set under the statue. The fire heated the metal until the criminal inside died from severe burns.

It was said that the inventor, Perilaus, showed the new execution device to Phalaris, the tyrant of Agrigentum, Sicily. However, the tyrant was disgusted by the brutality of this invention and sentenced Perilaus to be roasted alive in his very own invention.

6. Boiling to death

Sadistic death execution methods  2016

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In the past, boiling to death has been practised in many parts of Europe and Asia. The inmate was stripped and then thrown into a huge cauldron full of boiling liquid, or cold liquid which is heated until boiling. An executioner will control the speed of boiling by raising and lowering the inmate in the cauldron using a system of rope pulleys.

7. Impalement

Sadistic death execution methods  2016

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This is one of the cruelest methods of execution, often used during the Middle Ages. This method forced the criminal to sit on a thick, sharpened wooden pole. The pole was then slowly raised upright and the criminal was was left no alternative but to be slowly pulled down by his own weight. Sometimes, it could take more than three days for a person to finally die, in a most gruesome manner.

This method was especially prevalent in 15th century Romania, during the reign of Vlad Dracula, dubbed as Vlad the Impaler. He reportedly executed more than 80,000 people this way and allegedly enjoyed having a meal while watching them die.

8. Flaying

Sadistic death execution methods  2016

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Used during the classic antiquity, this method will give you chills in the worst ways. Flaying, otherwise known as skinning, mostly on captured soldiers and dangerous criminals. The Aztecs in ancient Mexico often flayed their war prisoners during human sacrifices rituals.

Ancient Assyrians were also known to flay the defeated rulers of their enemies and nailing their skin to the city walls, as a warning to other potential rebels.

In the year 415, Hypatia of Alexandria, the famous female mathematician and philosopher, was allegedly flayed alive by an enraged Christian mob, using sharp oyster shells, a method that surely took its time.

9. Crushing

Sadistic death execution methods  2016

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Also known as peine forte et dure, which are French words for hard and forceful punishment, this cruel method is using big and heavy stones, which are placed atop the chest of a defendant until he or she would finally give in to plea or confess of any mistake. But in fact, the victims were eventually crushed to death. In Asia, an elephant is used instead of stones.

Giles Correy, the only American documented to have been killed with this technique, was placed between two large boards as increasing weight was placed on top, in an attempt to get him to confess to being a witch. Giles refused, and his last words were: more weight!

10. Scaphism

Sadistic death execution methods  2016

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Also known as the Boats, the inmate is placed inside a pair of narrow rowboats with the head, hands, and feet protruding outside from it. The victim then forced to swallow a large amount of milk and honey until developing severe diarrhea, and mixture of milk and honey was also rubbed on the exposed parts of his body, attracting flies, wasps and other insects. Then he was left afloat in a still pond or a lake.

The defenseless persons fecal matter slowly accumulated within the container, attracting more flies, which ate and bred within his or her exposed and increasingly gangrenous flesh. The poor person was then repeatedly fed each day to keep him alive for several days or weeks.

When death eventually reared its head, it was due to a combination of various factors, namely: septic shock, starvation and dehydration.

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