School organizational experience is one aspect of company HRD assessment in selecting prospective workers.

  30 April 2024 05:00 - It often appears on various news portals, both print and online, about job vacancies that are very difficult to find. Every time there is information about job vacancies, thousands of applicants immediately fill it. The sad fact is that out of thousands of applicants, only one to two people qualify to become workers at the company. This is because many applicants do not meet the company's criteria and qualification requirements.

There are so many of them who do not include organizational, social and other experiences in their curriculum vitae (CV) with interesting points, as a result HRD does not look at these applicants as potential subjects. If you are someone who is looking for work or wants to prepare job list requirements, you can input various types of school organization experience to add value when registering for job vacancies.

School organizational experience is one aspect of company HRD assessment in selecting prospective workers. Activeness, insight and abilities gained from previous organizational experience are exclusive points that differentiate someone from others. For example, there are two applicants from the same school, prospective applicant A was previously a passive student, after finishing school, he went straight home, while prospective applicant B was previously a student who was very active in various organizations.

Even though applicant A has very good grades compared to applicant B, in the eyes of the company's HRD, experience is much more valuable. Therefore, you need to gain more organizational experience before entering the world of work. You can see examples of school organization experiences that have plus points below.

No need to wait any longer, please read this article until the end. Here are 10 examples of school organization experience that are most sought after by corporate HR. As reported by from various sources, Monday (29/3).

Examples of school organization experience that are most sought after by corporate HR.

Examples of school organization experiences  various sources


1. Leadership in student organizations

An example of the most sought after school organizational experience is experience as a leader in various student organizations. Apart from joining organizations in general, people who are able to hold leadership positions in an organization certainly have more value than ordinary organizational members. Leadership in student organizations in question includes, for example, the Chair, Deputy Chair, or exclusive organizations such as the OSIS or MPK at school. The ability to lead an organization, as well as the ability to manage and work together in a team are excellent added points.

2. Participation in collaborative projects

The next example of school organization experience that you can include is participation in various collaborative projects. Your involvement in collaborative projects such as managing a school event, collaborative projects with the community, and also managing activities that involve many people are also included in excellent school organizational experience. Your ability in teamwork and careful program planning is an added value compared to other people around you.

3. Participation in academic clubs

Your participation as a member of school academic clubs such as debate clubs, science clubs, language clubs, and so on is an example of experience in school organizations that can be an added value for you in the eyes of the company's HRD. This is because the students who take part in academic clubs are smart people who are able to carry out activities in an active and intensive learning environment. There are not many students out there who are able to face such challenges.

4. Experience in mentoring programs

An example of organizational experience that can amaze company HRD is having experience in a mentoring program. The mentoring program in question is a program that provides training (mentoring) regarding a special ability or in-depth insight regarding an object. If you have been a mentor or coach in a program like this, your experience shows your ability to give and receive guidance from others, and you have the desire to develop even better over time.

5. Involvement in sports or the arts

An example of experience in a school organization that has had a very good impact on you is experience in various sports and arts organizations or clubs. Like your involvement in a football club, badminton club, or like a choir club, graphic design club, and many more. Experience joining various organizations and clubs will give you the ability to work in a team or group, you also have the ability to manage time well.

(Intern/Zidan Fajri)

For example, experience in school organizations could be an added value when registering for a job.

Examples of school organization experiences  various sources


6. Internship or practicum experience

An example of experience at school that is very good as preparation for applying for a job is internship or practicum experience. If you want HRD to glance at the proposal/CV you submitted, you can take part in an internship program in various fields. Work and internship experience is able to show very good experience compared to other applicants. This is demonstrated by practical work experience in a company, apart from that, internships give you the real world to apply various knowledge and theories while studying at school.

7. Participation in self-development activities

Your participation in various activities and self-development programs can be a plus for you in the eyes of HRD. Your participation in self-development programs, such as attending seminars, training or workshops on skill development and self-cultivation, has a very positive impact on your future. This experience shows your willingness to develop your potential even better over time.

8. Leadership in school events or competitions

An example of organizational experience at school that you can participate in is by becoming a leader of a school event or certain competition. For example, the chairman of a competition event, chairman of an arts performance event, or chairman of a student race/competition event. Various experiences in leadership are an added value for you. Apart from that, the experience you have shows the ability to lead a team and the ability to work together with a team that is joined by many people.

9. Experience in financial management

If you have been a treasurer or have been in the finance section, then you need to be proud of yourself. Because your experience in managing the finances of an event or organization is an ability that many people rarely have. Your ability to manage very large amounts of funds and organize budgets is a plus in the eyes of the company's HRD.

10. Involvement in social or humanitarian projects

An example of the last organizational experience is your involvement in various social or humanitarian projects. Your activeness in various such events shows high social awareness and also a great sense of empathy. You have the desire to have a positive impact on people in need. This is a valuable value that is highly sought after by various large companies out there.

Those are 10 examples of school organization experience that are most sought after by corporate HR. The hope is that once you find out what organizational experiences at school and outside school have added value to you, you can get the job you dream of. Hopefully this information is useful!