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No, it's not a sequel to Sebastian and Mia's tale.

Tunggul Kumoro   07 August 2017 12:00

You know it's Monday when you can't wait to get home even though you haven't even left for work yet or perhaps, when you are wondering where to find a book titled "How To Avoid Talking To Co-workers By Reading" and stop your co-worker from talking your ear off about their personal problem. Your daily dose of coffee just lead you to caffeine overdose, but no spike in motivation to work, because that's how reality still punches you in the face.  

There seems no end to your Monday blues..... At least until you watch the epic eight-hour, slow motion movie about sheep.

Produced by Calm — a company that produces mindfulness meditation products — "Baa Baa Land" which dubbed itself as the dullest movie ever made, features zero dialogue, plot nor human actor and just lots of sheep.

Aside of slow motion shots of baa baa's flock filmed in Essex, England, nothing really happens for eight hours since that was the whole point, which is to send viewers to deep and invigorating slumber.

"Baa Baa Land" is scheduled to premiere in September at London's Prince Charles Cinema, yet there has been no news confirming its worldwide release.



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