Kalasan Temple is located in Kalibening, Tirtamani Sub-district, Sleman Regency, precisely about 16 kilometers to the East of Yogyakarta.

Nur Romdlon   21 October 2015 19:30

Brilio.net - It is probably not as grandeur and fame as Borobudur, but this temple has its own history. This is Kalasan Temple, the oldest Buddhist temple in Yogyakarta. Kalasan Temple was a sacred building to worship Goddess Tara.

Kalasan Temple is located in Kalibening, Tirtamani Sub-district, Sleman Regency, precisely about 16 kilometers to the east of Yogyakarta. The information of the temple is engraved in Sanskrit and Pranagari letter on Kalasa Inscription in 778 AD. On the inscription, it is mentioned that Maharaja Tejahpurana Panangkaran is credited for building a temple for Goddess Tara and put a statue of the goddess which was, then, enthroned in the temple named Tarabhawana which is now known as Kalasan Temple.

Besides, the construction of a dormitory for the monks which is not far from the temple is also engraved on Kalasa Inscription. The dormitory is now known as Sari Temple which is located on the Northeast of Kalasan Temple. Both of temple and dormitory are called as Wihara.

Kalasan Temple has its own uniqueness compared to the other temples around Prambanan. One of its uniqueness lies on its sculpture. The tendril coil patterns which are vertically on the body of the temple give it a high impression. Monoliths, or usually called as moonstone, at the entrance stairs on East side add more uniqueness to this temple.

It is easy to get to Kalasan Temple. It is located on the south side of Jogja-Solo Street, approximately 3.4 kilometers to the west of Prambanan Temple. When you arrive in Kalasan region, lower your speed. Pay attention to the road signs that will lead you to Kalasan Temple. There are a lot of road signs to Kalasan Temple that will make your trip easier. You can also use a navigation aid such as Google Maps.

When brilio.net made a visit to Kalasan Temple, Monday (1/6), we could see some workers are renovating the temple.

To enjoy this historical tour, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. You only need to pay for IDR 2,000 for adults and IDR 1,000 for children as the entry fees. You don’t even need to pay a parking ticket. Since the place is not crowded, you will be able to take a picture from different angles. Kalasan Temple is opened every day at 8AM to 5PM.

So, when will you schedule your time to visit Kalasan Temple?


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