Some places are like Pokémon GO gyms for selfies

Ahada Ramadhana   02 August 2016 06:45 - As we highlight beautiful places around Indonesia, we look today at Mursala Island.

Mursala sits to the east of Nias and west of Sibolga in North Sumatra. It has beautiful white beaches, a waterfall and boats with which you can enjoy the view around you.

1. Waterfall flowing to the sea

Image via Instagram/@fardas_ury


2. Better to enjoy it with friends or family

Image via Instagram/@diniridhayanti


3. Use ferry to get there…

Image via Instagram/@cindyyclaritaa


4. and go hiking once you’re on land

Image via instagram/@explore.mursala


5. Swimming under the waterfall

Image via Instagram/@adorablevous


6. Beautiful!

Image via instagram/@rezazunizar


7. Awesome!

Image via instagram/@hasbi_manullang


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