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Please welcome the Dubaian cyberpunk's surveillance unit.

Tunggul Kumoro   10 July 2017 10:00

Dubai Police might have just added their own version of Robocop into their patrol unit.

It is O-R3, a self-driving car that is defined more as a security robot than an autonomous vehicle and will be assigned to fulfill low-level enforcement tasks.

Dubai Police Force commander Maj. Gen. Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri through a press release, stated that Dubai Police is in its attempt for utilizing technology to augment operations to make the streets safe and peaceful even without involving heavy police patrol. The vehicle will first be deployed at shopping centers and places popular with tourists.

Developed by Singapore-based robotics firm OTSAW, the O-R3 units probably will look smaller than most other automobiles. The vehicle is equipped with 360-degree cameras that will send a live video feed to a monitoring station and the car's biometric software and scanners will assist the Dubai Police to identify suspicious objects and track suspects.

O-R3 leaves no chance for any mischief to withstand as the car is also backed with drones that can be launched from the back of the body as an air support.

OTSAW CEO explained that the vehicle is not designed to replace, but to help humans with their jobs.

"Ultimately, robots exist to improve the quality of human lives - where men take on high value jobs while robots perform the low skilled ones," he said.



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