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Who on earth thought it was okay to take and distribute pictures of naked men during the ambush without their consent?

Tunggul Kumoro   07 July 2017 18:00

Jakarta Legal Aid Institute (LBH) through its lawyer Citra Referandum reported North Jakarta Police Officers to the National Police Commission (Kompolnas) over alleged violations of law and code of ethics.

The violations referred are related to the police's action during the mass arrest of 141 men on a 'homosexual sex party' at the Atlantis Gym and Sauna, North Jakarta last month.

"We've made an official complaint to Kompolnas related to the Atlantis Gym case. In the case, we found the violations done by the North Jakarta Police officers, which are abuses of human right, law and police's code ethic," said Citra at the Kompolnas office, South Jakarta, Thursday.

Citra said the North Jakarta Police officers allegedly to have violated the law stipulated in the Criminal Code (KUHAP).

First, related to the detainees' right on the legal aid access, according to Citra, the North Jakarta Police had impeded their rights for legal counsel as they prevented LBH to meet the detainees.

Second, it was said that there was also a violation of the rights for the detainees to meet their family, not to mention the inhuman acts received by them.

"They (the detainees) were taken to the North Jakarta Police Office and were not allowed to wear any piece of cloth until the next morning. The photos were viral in social media also mass media," said Citra.

The fourth, continued Citra, that the police failed to provide an interpreter for foreign detainees.

Citra added that the acts committed by the police also contravened the National Police Chief Regulation on the Management of Criminal Investigation and on the Implementation of Human Rights Principles.

On the other hand, Kompolnas Commissioner Poengky Indarti said that they would immediately provide a clarification to the Jakarta Police Chief regarding the report, which also includes the photos of 141 men secured in naked condition.

"We've noted and clarified to the Jakarta Police. We hope if this complaint is proven, it'll be followed up with a code of ethics and disciplinary sessions. If it violates the criminal code, then it'll be prosecuted. The National Police's internal affairs division (Propam) and National Polices Criminal Investigation Department (Bareskrim) would also be involved," said Poengky.


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