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Sara Wijayanto, an indigo, describes the legendary creature's character, hobby and back story.

Andry Trysandy Mahany   03 July 2017 12:45

Sara Wijayanto, the wife of magician Demian and also an indigo, recently shared some information about Indonesia's most famous urban legend kuntilanak.

Sara is known to have (or at least, claimed to have) a sixth sense that enables her to see supernatural things, including ghosts.

On her social media page, Sara shared her take on kuntilanak in a post titled  “Kuntilanak Menurut Saya” (Kuntilanak In My Opinion). Here are the excerpt of the post.

1. Men are their favorite

They like to disturb humans, especially men. On the other hand, they are usually jealous of women since their face is not as beautiful as it was when they were still alive.

2. They are a bunch of drama queens

Most kuntilanak are drama queens and may have a borderline personality disorder! Sometimes they giggle happily because they feel like they are the most beautiful creature in the other-world, but they can suddenly weep just because they suddenly regret things they did when they were alive. Kuntilanak tend to want to take revenge to those who are responsible for their deaths.

3. They might be on your back seat..

Kuntilanak like to hang out...... on a tree while waiting for a human to disturb. Sometimes they also like to take a ride inside a car or on a motorbike’s back seat. So, be careful when you are going home later, look at your rearview mirror, who knows ‘someone’ might have joined you on the back seat. Or if you are driving alone and suddenly you feel heavy on the back seat, it is usually a sign for a kuntilanak to take a freeride.

4. Not all of them died during pregnancy or delivering a baby

According to the myth, the name “kunti” means pregnant and “anak” means kid. So, kuntilanak means a female ghost who died while pregnant or delivering a baby. But those I met did not always die because of that. For example: Suti. She ended her life by hanged on herself. Or maybe because they look similar, that is why all ghost with long hair are called kuntilanak.

5. They're most famous one!

Kuntilanak is the most popular ghost! It's like they're the other world’s Miss Universe(s).


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