Is the Bandung Mayor returning to his roots and choose to rely on volunteers' support rather than political parties' money?

Petra Hapsari   17 July 2017 16:33

The West Java Election is nearing and Bandung Mayor Ridwan Kamil is still on the top position among other candidates.

But up to now, the popular mayor still hasn't decided the political vehicle of his choice.

In March, National Democratic Party (Nasdem) declared its support for Ridwan's bid to become the province's number one. Ridwan welcomed the support but said he's still open should other parties want to come up with other kind of support or partnership.

Unfortunately, Nasdem only has five chairs in the West Java parliament. Thus, the party has to form a coalition in order to get another 15 chairs of legislative chairs needed if Nasdem wants to be in a strong position to support a governor and deputy governor — both as candidates and as definitive leaders later. Such treshold does not apply to independent candidates.

Seeing this, Ridwan once again said to the public that he is still open to other options. He might even run as an independent candidate should his supporting party (or parties) could not reach 20 seats in the parliament.

“(I have to decide, because) if I really run as an independent, I have to start counting and collecting ID cards by the end of this month. I only have until November (to collect the ID cards)," he said on Sunday. "Running as an independent is still an option. But doing so would also require having a running mate, and that's another consideration to take. But, we're thinking about it now."

He also admitted having had a dialogue with Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), United Development Party (PPP), Democratic Party, and Golkar Party yet no decision has been made.

“As per today, our communication with (other) parties is still ongoing intensively. We are doing communication with all parties,” Ridwan said.

Ridwan Kamil is on his way to compete in 2018 West Java Governor Election alongside current West Java Deputy Governor Deddy Mizwar, Purwakarta Regent Dedi Mulyadi, former West Java Deputy Governor and current member of the House of Representatives Dede Yusuf, and cleric Abdulla Gymnastiar who are also trying to get the sufficient number of local legislative support.

Recent survey from Saiful Mujani Research and Consulting (SMRC) shows Ridwan Kamil is leading with 31.4 percent, followed by Dedi Mizwar with 13 percent, Dedi Mulyadi with 12.3 percent, Dede Yusuf with 8.3 percent, and Aa Gym with 7.5 percent.


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