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He will (probably) return to the country by the end of September. Or maybe not. At this point, we don't know what to believe anymore.

Petra Hapsari   07 August 2017 21:15

Islamic Defender Front (FPI) Chairman Rizieq Shihab canceled his plan to return to Indonesia on August 15.

Rizieq’s lawyer, Sugito Atmo Pawiro said Rizieq needs to prepare for his Hajj pilgrimage and will return after that.

“[He will return] by the end of September.” Said Sugito.

Previously, one of Rizieq’s lawyers Kapitra Ampera stated Rizieq would go back to the state to celebrate FPI’s anniversary as well as for legal process he needs to face related to his sex chat scandal involving Firza Husein.

Sugito said there is a strong desire for Rizieq to be present during the organization’s 19th anniversary which is scheduled to be celebrated on upcoming August 19.

“Probably he will use Skype or something. If he comes, alhamdulillah, but if he cannot then we cannot force him,” Sugito continued.

There will be a chance for Rizieq’s supporters to welcome him at the airport once he arrives.

“There are also a lot of sympathizers. We hope the situation will be conducive, but also [we hope] the police will not take sides,” Sugito added.


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