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Plus, the cleric said that his prolonged trip is a 'hijrah', not an attempt to run away from his cases.

Petra Hapsari   21 August 2017 09:50

National Police claimed to have investigated Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) Chairman Rizieq Shihab in Saudi Arabia regarding his sex chat scandal case.

“The team has flown there to investigate the him, and we have investigated the result,” said National Police Chief Gen. Tito Karnavian on Friday.

Tito said the investigator team is evaluating the investigation result.

“He was called as a witness. Since he is going for pilgrimage, rather than waiting, the team went to investigate,” Tito said.

Rizieq has been named a suspect after allegedly got involved in a sex chat along with Firza Hussein. His name is also listed on police’s search list. However, he is investigated as a witness for the investigation in Saudi Arabia.

“If he comes back [to Indonesia], we will also do investigation if it is required,” Tito added.

Rizieq Shihab is a suspect of a sex chat scandal. However, he was also reported for other cases, including blasphemy and desecration toward the country’s ideology Pancasila.

He was reportedly going back to the country on August 16 to celebrate FPI’s anniversary, however, he canceled the plan to go for pilgrimage.

Rizieq's Hijrah

While Rizieq is staying in Saudi Arabia, his organization continued to attend its 19th anniversary celebration on Aug. 19 in Kamal Stadium, North Jakarta.

He might not be able to join the event, but he sent a voice recording to greet his die hard supporters.

In the recording, Rizieq assured his supporters that he is in Saudi Arabia as part of hijrah.

Hijrah is not hiding nor running,” he said. “It’s to protect oneself, to save a country and to make a strategy. It’s a holy thing to do and it’s a noble thing in Islam.”


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