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With almost 8,000 members, the number of child victims might reach thousands.

Petra Hapsari   16 March 2017 18:32

Police have arrested four administrators of a child porn Facebook page named “Official Candy’s Group” and now are working to identify the victims.

The group was started in September 2016 to accommodate pedophiles who want to chat, share informations and seek child pornography. The victims are mostly 2 to 10 years old.

The group name itself was taken from members’ nickname to young children they’re interested in, ‘loli’, an abbreviation from lollipop candy.

According to the police, group members are required to post pictures and videos of sexual activities involving minors to maintain their membership.

Police estimate the numbers of victims might reach thousands of children.

“It’s based on the fact. We could see it from the pictures (on the page), they’re uploaded there. We [are in process of] identification,” Jakarta Police Special Crimes Director Sr. Commr. Wahyu Hadiningrat told Kompas.

The estimation was based on the fact that there are 7,479 members in the Facebook group.

“The number of victims might increase because members are not allowed to share contents of the same persons,” Jakarta Police Chief Ins. Gen. M. Iriawan said in a different occasion.

Police have arrested Wawan (25), Dede (24), Dicki Firmansyah (17) and SHDW (16) who were said to be the administrators of the Facebook group. 

The group also has members from other countries, including Latin America countries. Police have identified a connection between the group and international pedophilia syndicates.

“We are searching for each of the members and performers (of sexual acts featured on the group page). And because it’s a cross-country case, we will work together with FBI and Interpol,” said Iriawan.

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