Again, the former president took his frustration to Twitter.

Adelia Anjani Putri   14 February 2017 18:27 - Former President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono today answered the allegations thrown by former anti-graft agency chairman Antasari Azhar regarding his involvement in Antasari’s case in 2009.

Antasari went to the National Police’s Crime Unit Office today to share more information about alleged manipulation in his 2009 case. He also talked to the press about SBY’s possible involvement in sending him to jail for a murder he never did. 

In eleven tweets, SBY said that Antasari’s allegation is not true and that he will seek legal steps against Antasari over the slander.

Here are the complete series of tweets.

"What I predicted before finally happened. It seems that the clemency given to Antasari has political motive and there’s a mission to attack and discredit me.

One day before Jakarta election (which I assume was planned), Antasari published slanders and mean accusation against me.

Antasari and other actors behind him (try to) destroy SBY’s name so Agus-Sylvi would lose tomorrow.

Are you not done destroying my reputation since November 2016 to make Agus’ electability decrease so he loses?

This country is amazing. I could not comprehend this. How power can do anything. Do not lie. We all know.

I will deliver my explanation soon. I want my brothers and sisters, the Indonesian people, to know the real truth.

Antasari’s allegation that I am the initiator behind his case is absolutely wrong. I will take legal action against him.

All law enforcers who processed Nasrudin’s murder case are still here. God willing, they will speak the truth and facts.

I’m asking, can’t Agus run for Governor? Does he lose his constitutional right?

My fellow friends, I might not have the power, but I will face this. Never give up and continue the fight.

We’re always treated like this. Does the strong always have to trample the weak? Let’s ask for God’s help."



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