Once she arrived home, Semilla found a few coins in the back of her car.

Victoria Tunggono   25 April 2016 09:30

Brilio.net - Criminality has been on the news everyday, with more variation in the modus operandi, as people get more creative. People had to kill the victim or use small kids hitching a ride to execute their plan. Today, a new method is on the rise. With the same motif, which is to take valuable belongings inside the car, robbers are putting coins behind the car to make the driver stop and get out to see what’s happening on the back.

When the driver is out of the car, the robber will quickly take whatever it is in the car, be it just a hand phone or anything that seems valuable.

Grace Semilla was one of the victims to this modus operandi. She is citizen of Cebu City, Philippines. Semilla was driving in the middle of the day. She was about to make a turn when a man knocked on her car window and said that something had fallen from the back part of her car.

Semilla sniffed something suspicious on the man’s words, so she ignored him. As her car was not stopping, another man—can most likely be presume to be the friend of the first robber—tried to stop her car to say the same thing. Semilla’s suspicious grew stronger on the attempts to stop her car. She chose to run away instead of stopping.

Once she arrived home, Semilla found a few coins in the back of her car. She was certain the coins weren’t there, or that she put them on there. Through her social media accounts, the mother of three kids is warning people—especially ladies—who drive alone to be careful when a stranger tells you that something has fallen from the car. If the driver stops and opens the car locks, those strangers could get inside and take anything they could get their hands on.

“This method is happening more often now. You better check all the things in the car and be sure that nothing could fall over. Besides being more secure, it’ll prevent the robbery I nearly had,” Semilla wrote on her social media account.



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