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That's not a good way to sneak your 'pet' to plane.

Tunggul Kumoro   15 September 2017 15:51

A prospective passenger who was revealed to be a Saudi Arabian national, AA, was secured by Soekarno Hatta Airport officials after officers discovered dozens of animals inside four of his large suitcases, Wednesday.

According to the head of Agricultural Quarantine Center at the airport(BKPP) Eliza Suryati Roesli, the smuggling attempt was foiled when AA was passing through an X-ray checkpoint at Terminal 3.

"The x-ray operator suspected four suitcases containing animals carried by passenger before examining what's within them," said Eliza on Thursday.

The officers found 65 turtles, nine snakes, five lizards, ten crocodiles, four weasels, and eight leeches. Two of the turtles and three weasels were found dead.

Among those animals, there were some protected species, including pig-noised turtle, saltwater and sinyulong crocodiles.

Eliza confirmed, they were still investigating the AA's motive as well as the source of those animals.



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