Image: AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh

The residents also named another street after Communications Minister Rudiantara.

Petra Hapsari   14 September 2017 16:40

Kampoeng Cyber Yogyakarta is famous for their technology innovation. Though it is located in a narrow street which makes it hard for cars to get in to the place, but the people are used to technology. For instance, they transformed a security post into a free internet access area. It is located in RT 36 RW 09, Taman Kelurahan Patehan, Kec. Kraton, Yogyakarta.

Image: Facebook Taman Erte Tiga Enam

Now, they named two streets with the last name of Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg and Minister of Communications and Informations Rudiantara. Rudiantara even attended the streets’ inauguration.

“Flattered. People in Kampoeng Cyber Jogja take initiative to name two of their streets with Zuckerberg St & Rudiantara St. Thank you, friends!” said Rudiantara on Twitter.

Original article by Laksa Mahardikengrat


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