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Because that's how you avoid public anger.

Tunggul Kumoro   22 August 2017 17:10

After a long polemic on House of Representatives' plan to build apartments for parliament member, House Speaker Setya Novanto finally canceled the discourse.

"I've spoken to Fahri (Hamzah) as the head of assessment team, with many considerations, we decided the intention to build a parliament's apartment to be dropped," said Novanto on Tuesday.

Novanto claimed to have an extensive discussion with House deputy speaker Fahri Hamzah, who is currently appointed as the chairman of Senayan Complex revitalization plan team, and he had reportedly agreed with the cancellation.

"Since there are already official houses for House members in Ulujami and Kalibata. If we build an apartment, there must be a process to return current [state assets] and so on, so complicated. So, it's settled. We use the existing ones," said Novanto.

Another consideration according to Novanto, was the hard protest launched by public. The discourse itself has been a lot controversy on the surface where some factions of political parties in the House had also been divided by the plan.

Previously, the idea to construct new House building and apartments for parliament members came from Fahri Hamzah earlier this month. He argued that the apartment that was planned to be build inside the area of parliament complex would shorten the distance for members to reach their office while at the same time save their transportation budget.


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