Jack Ma will be an advisor for a steering committee targeting the development of small-medium enterprises, sub-urban people and villagers.

Petra Hapsari   23 August 2017 17:27

The Chairman of Alibaba Group Jack Ma will be the advisor of e-Commerce in Indonesia.

Communications and Information Minister Rudiantara confirmed the news, adding that the meeting with Jack Ma yesterday in Beijing is a realization of the presidential decree on e-Commerce road map.

“Now, officially [we] invite Jack Ma to be one of advisors for Steering Committee which runs e-Commerce road map led by Coordinating Economic Minister,” Rudiantara said through a press statement.

Jack Ma will not come to Indonesia for his business but to develop the ecosystem so that UMKM (micro, small, and medium enterprises), suburban people and villagers can use the technology development to increase their economy.

“[We] discussed the importance of ICT infrastructure which gives access to the whole society and countries. Then, it will give more benefits for villagers and UMKM, since the urban society already has traditional infrastructure like supermarkets, malls, etc.. That is why ICT infrastructure shall become leap process for villagers and UMKM in the new economic activity,” Rudiantara continued.

Indonesia will not only develop the ICT infrastructure, but also its logistic system to increase the economy.

So that the movement of goods will be easier and more efficient, payment system should be strategic. So it is not only benefitting FinTech (which tends to empower the established financial institutions), but (also) let the people to be able to get the access to financial service in line with financial inclusion strategy from Indonesian government,"Rudiantara added.

"In the end, Indonesia should be able to make a breakthrough by using the advantages from its 175 million citizens who at least have one cellphone".


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